Beginner’s Guide to the Keurig Coffee Maker




For many centuries, manufacturers and coffee lovers have tried their best to create a machine that brews the strongest, most aromatic cup of brew on the planet. As a result, many different bean machines have surfaced on the market. 

Even though it might look like a simple hot beverage, there are loads of coffee snobs around the globe who are very specific about where their beans come from and how it’s made. Read this article to learn more about the history of coffee.

A device that has changed the way coffee drinkers go about their day is the Keurig brewing machine. It’s a coffee pod machine that has replaced many complex at-home devices, by comparison, troubleshooting a keurig is an easy process.

Just like many others, it features a pod system that allows for a one-touch brewing experience. People love using different pods and capsule instead of going through a lengthy brewing process with other filter machines. 

Why do People Love Pods and Capsules?

Here are a few reasons why people prefer coffee pod machines instead of filter machines: 

  • They are quick and easy to use
  • They feature an individually sealed capsule that keeps coffee beans fresh
  • Pod machines are easy to clean and maintain since the little capsule is thrown out after every use
  • Capsules come in an array of strengths and flavors
  • It allows for a consistent brew every morning since it holds a pre-measured ground
  • Pods are easy to transport around or even resell individually

Pod Coffee Machine Beginner’s Guide

There has been quite the debate whether these pod machines are better than traditional slow brewing units. For those looking for a fast caffeine injection without waiting 20 minutes, this unit is definitely worth the price tag. 

Using little plastic capsules, these machines have changed the way we start our mornings. Considering the different types of complex bean brewing machines available on the market, this option is definitely user friendly. Learn more about the different types of brew makers here:


How Does it Work? 

If you are wondering how a capsule brewing machine works, then it’s quite easy. The unit is specially designed to work with a plastic pod that is placed inside. Inside the little capsule is pre-ground beans and a built-in filter. 

Boiling hot water is pushed through the little capsule to infuse the ground beans inside. The machine automatically applies pressure into the little capsule to force hot water out the bottom of the container. 

First, it passes through the built-in filter to ensure no grounds are left in the water that is seeping through. Once it has passed through the pod, a strong consistent cup of brew drips out of the front nozzle into your mug. 

After this process has taken place, the user can remove the little pod from the machine and throw it out. Compared to other filter machines, that requires a lengthy cleaning process. 

Different Brands on the Market

There are many different manufacturers of capsule coffee machines on the market, it all depends what aesthetic you want in your kitchen. In general, they all perform the same process as described above. Many brew lovers wonder “what is Keurig coffee maker?”, in general, this brand is a good option for a capsule brewing unit. 

Manufacturers have found different ways to stand out above competitors by adding a variation of unique features. Some of these units include an iced cup of Joe capability as well as a huge variation of flavors and aromas infused into the pods. Some machines can produce single serve cups or double server cups with larger water reservoirs – for those who need a little bit more caffeine in the mornings. 

Depending on your style of kitchen, you have a choice between a multitude of colors and sizes. Whether you want to put a pod brewing machine in your office or kitchen, there’s a design suitable for everyone. 

Ultimately, a capsule coffee machine uses the same process as a traditional filter model. With the added benefit of saving your time while delivering a consistent cup of brew every morning. Eliminate hours spent on cleaning a large filter unit and opt for a one-touch pod unit. 


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