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Beneficial For You And The Planet

Here Are Some Products That Are Beneficial For You And The Planet – Nature Can Help With Lots Of Ailments

When thinking about all-natural products that can be beneficial to your body, in addition to the planet, what comes to mind?  There are tons of businesses out there making quite a bit of money off of our “health”, but their products aren't so eco-friendly.  Lotus Brands, Inc. has many different nature-inspired solutions to help our bodies.  From baking soda toothpowder to immune support, there is an abundance of items to choose from.  These will heal your body while healing the Earth!  Can you think of anything better than that?

Beneficial Businesses

Eco-Dent offers premium oral care products such as DailyCare Toothpowders Original Mint, rinses, flosses, toothbrushes, and even Between! Dental Gum.  Their toothpowders do not contain any kind of fluoride, which many people don't want.  The floss is made with vegan wax and even essential oils.  As you can see, their products will definitely make you and our planet healthy!

The next business I'm going to introduce you to is Herbal Zap.  I love that name, by the way.  They have great products to help your immune and digestive system, as well as, helping when you've had a little too much partying the night before.  They sent me their Immune Support, Digestive Support, and Party Detox.  Their products are vegan, Non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and Kosher.  The immune support package is something we should all have in our homes, especially in these times!

Last, but certainly not least, is Bretanna.  They sent me their Rehydrating Body Spray for women and I really like it.  It's supposed to be used after workouts, a long day at work, or just when you need a pick me up.  It feels nice and cool on your body and has a clean smell.  The scent isn't overpowering, so it won't clash with any perfume you may have used.

All of these companies that Lotus Brands, Inc. are working with are owned by women, which I think is awesome.  We should, as women, be supporting one another.  This is exactly what they are doing and I love it!

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