There is nothing like a COYA yoga or meditation class to help you feel relaxed. However, it is hard to relax if you are stuck in traffic or late to your class. The good news is you can take yoga and meditation online through Glo.


Glo is a platform that allows you to take online yoga and meditation classes for a monthly fee. Their vision is to create a world that encourages you to unlock your true potential. The result is a range of online classes that challenge you to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.


If you are interested in changing your life at your own pace, you may be interested in learning the benefits of taking yoga and meditation online with Glo.


The Variety of Classes


You can choose from a variety of yoga, meditation and lecture classes when you sign up for Glo. There are classes for everyone, from the busy entrepreneur to the expectant mother. Whether you are learning different breathing techniques or poses, every class is designed to help you calm your mind and relax your body. You can even find classes that train you to teach meditation and yoga to your own students.


The best part is the classes are offered at different levels and lengths to fit your lifestyle. If you are a beginner, you may want to take the Yin Practice to Prep for Sleep class to help you rest at night. The Pilates Interval Training class is a good choice if you are an expert at yoga.


Learn About The Instructors


If you do not have an instructor who makes you feel motivated, you may find yourself skipping and eventually quitting your yoga or meditation class. When you take classes online with Glo, you have the opportunity to learn about the instructors before you commit to a class. 


Glo offers a bit of information on each instructor, starting with their name and experience in yoga and meditation. You can get a glimpse of their personality and the classes they teach through the application or website. This way, you can use the information to decide which class is right for you.


Download Classes To Any Device


You can take yoga and meditation online from any device that is compatible with your platform. This makes it easy to take classes in your living room, bedroom or patio. Whether you want to take a class in your backyard or the beach, you can use a mobile device to take your classes from any location. Use the platform and your device to relax after a hectic shopping trip or during your break in the office.


Goes Around Your Schedule


It is not easy to attend yoga and meditation classes when you have a busy schedule of work, errands and appointments. There are going to be times when you miss a class because you are running late or had another commitment. When you take yoga and meditation online, you can take your classes around your schedule. You may want to take your classes at a set time or when you have some downtime.


Offers A Free Trial


If taking yoga and meditation online is new to you, you may be hesitant to commit to a monthly membership. Glo allows you to experience the classes without signing up for a membership with their free 15-day trial. This gives you enough time to decide if Glo is right for your lifestyle. If you are satisfied with Glo, you can become a member for just $18 per month.


When you are ready to take yoga and meditation online, sign up for a free trial with Glo.

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