Benefits of working with a big law firm in an injury case

Benefits of working with a big law firm in an injury case

People who have experienced a serious personal injury face many challenges afterwards. Not only do they have physical pain and stress, but there’s the emotional and financial side of this as well. One thing is for sure – someone who has such an injury for which another party is at fault should not have to deal with this burden on their own. Experienced injury attorneys who are well-versed with personal injury cases can assist you with the legal aspect so that you have a better chance at getting justice and compensation. 

Negligence Leads to Personal Injury

Many of the personal injury cases you see are due to another party’s negligence. This can be a slip-and-fall accident, car accident, workplace incidents due to not fixing machinery, and many other types of incidents. The personal injury practice has gained traction in recent years, making it possible to charge guilty parties and hold them accountable according to a certain body of law. Some people aren’t aware of this or just how advanced it has become, but it’s in your best interest to locate a top-notch law firm to be on your side and build a case for a greater chance at favorable results. 

Why It’s Good to Work with a Big Law Firm 

Of course, there are small boutique law firms that deal with specialty areas. However, this may not fit your needs completely. For this reason, you would do well to hire the services of a large law firm. Here are some of the reasons why you should do so. 

1. Reputation 

When it comes to reputation, big law firms do tend to be more easily recognized by the public. This also means that they likely will be recognized immediately by the opposing side’s legal counsel, and this may influence them to compromise on a settlement faster. Even if this isn’t the case, the firm’s reputation is important because you know how they have handled cases previously. You can see the reviews, talk to people you know who have had experience with this firm or know of it, and overall be more at ease with the situation. 

2. Hiring Practices

A large law firm tends to be more particular about who they hire. They’ll look into the 

a candidate’s background with greater care and make sure that the individual has a high rate of success with their cases. You can trust that you’ll get an attorney on your case who is a true professional and will do everything in their power to get you the results that you deserve. 

3. Costs

On the other hand, there are many big law firms that hire younger lawyers who are new to the practice. Since they’re newer to the industry, they might provide services with lower prices. There typically will be a sliding scale at the firm when it comes to experience and costs. If you worry about whether your budget can handle legal costs, regardless of how their payment schedule works, this may be a good option for you to explore. 

4. Type of Case 

The type of case matters when it comes to the law firm you choose. It’s important to note that large firms do work more on criminal and personal injury cases. When you have a law firm in mind and it’s not clear what level of experience they have with personal injury, feel free to reach out and ask if they have attorneys who are experienced with the matters involved in your specific case, so you know you have the best possible representation. 

5. Where You’re Located

Location is everything, and it’s even more true when you’re about to file a lawsuit. You need to work with a firm that’s in close proximity to where you live. Bear in mind that big cities or areas close to them are likely to have several big law firms. This stands to reason since there’s more people around, they’ll potentially need to help. If you’re in a more rural place or a small town, it’s going to be difficult to find such a law firm. If you live in-between and there’s both options available to you, you can afford to be more selective. 

6. A Larger Team 

Even though a big law firm can be extremely busy with cases, there’s also the fact that there is a greater number of staff available to help with the routine tasks associated with your case. This includes secretaries, paralegals, technicians and others. This can mean you won’t have to deal with the longer waiting times for your case to proceed. You’ll be relieved to know that you have an experienced team who puts in a collaborative effort to work on your personal injury lawsuit. 

It’s challenging to become injured and then put in the time and effort to take legal action against the negligent party. Take comfort in the fact that there are many compassionate and professional lawyers and big law firms who will consider your case and how they can help you. Regardless of how serious your injuries are and who you’re up against, it’s crucial that you have legal representation you can trust. There even are firms that don’t charge any fees if you don’t win your case and aren’t paid. Whether you need assistance paying for your medical bills after immediate care following your injury, lost wages, ongoing treatment, or for your emotional and physical pain and suffering, you can contact us to get more information about how to begin. 

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