High quality Spanish Tempranillo wine is blended with a selection of fruits to create light and fruity Sangria that is sweet and refreshing.  
Beso Del Sol ®SANGRIA
 is well balanced with a smooth finish at 8.5% alcohol.
First premium, 100% natural Sangria with a bag-in-box on the market.
Serve chilled, if you want to dress it up, add fresh diced fruit for a true taste of today’s Spain.


This is my first time drinking wine from a box. Let me tell you Beso Del Sol White Sangria did not disappoint.!

It is a nice full bodied wine that goes down easy. The first taste on your tongue and you know you have found a great wine.  Beso Del Sol is a wine for all occasions and celebrations.

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The box makes it easy to get to the wine. Just push in on the box, find your spout and hook it onto the notch on the box, crack the seal and ta da you have the perfect wine station. Just grab and go. How perfect is that? Even after a few glasses of this delicious wine I could still fill my glass without spilling. They knew I needed this spout.  LOL. It is perfect just like the wine.

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If you want to sit out on the porch with the hubby or have the girls over for a girls night.

Beso Del Sol White Sangria is the perfect wine in a box.

I have found my new favorite drink and this is so easy to take with you when you travel.  

If you hike, camp, bbq or 4-wheel like we do this is easy to transport. Put in your cooler and have a refreshing glass of Beso Del Sol wine when you get the camp site set up. 

A glass or two of cold Beso Del Sol wine. friends, family and a nice sunset. Yes that does sound like a little slice of sangria heaven. 




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