Best American Mattress

Choosing the correct mattress might be difficult because there are so many options. When purchasing a mattress, you should consider several different factors, such as the level of firmness you prefer, the size, the construction, and the pricing. The mattress's origin is another significant factor to keep in mind.

Because mattresses are custom-made in the United States, shipping times may be quicker than in other countries. It is also possible that mattresses produced in the United States spend less time in storage or plastic packing.

Concerned U.S. shoppers may prefer a U.S.-made mattress to reduce carbon emissions during delivery. Shop at a local store to support the local economy, maintain a safe working environment, or believe that American products are superior because of rigorous production laws.

To help you make an informed choice, we've compiled a list of the most famous American mattresses based on their materials, performance, pricing, and more. As part of our review of mattresses made in the United States, we explain what to look for and which certifications are most important.

List of 13 Best American Mattress

  1. Best Overall- Luxury Firm WinkBed
  2. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers- Helix Midnight Luxe
  3. Best Cooling- GhostBed Luxe
  4. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress
  5. AMERISLEEP AS3 Memory Foam Mattress
  6. Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress
  7. Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress
  8. TUFT & NEEDLE- Original Queen Adaptive Foam Mattress
  9. Best Mattress for Couples- Leesa Hybrid
  10.  Best Pressure Relief- Nolah Signature 12
  11.  Best for Heavy Sleepers- Titan Firm Hybrid
  12.  Best Mattress for Back Pain- Bear
  13.  Best Organic Mattress- Avocado Green

1. Best Overall- Luxury Firm WinkBed


  • Luxury Firm Mattress
  • Extra Edge Support System
  • Euro Pillow Top Gel-Infused Foam
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 120-Night Risk-Free Trial

Product Description:

Gel-infused polyfoam and zonal pocket coils combine in the WinkBeds Luxury Firm design to give responsive support and pressure relief. WinkBeds Luxury Firm. The WinkBed was most popular at medium (6) firmness with four firmness levels.

A Euro-top constructed of adaptable foam layers makes up the comfort system. The support core's zonal pocketed coils help prevent pressure points. The high-density foam prevents motion transmission and enhances spinal alignment. Edges that are stronger make it easier to get in and out of bed and use the whole mattress.

The medium-firm feel of this mattress is perfect for people who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds and sleep on their side, back, or stomach. The Luxury Firm WinkBed is an excellent alternative for hot sleepers because of its ventilated, moisture-wicking Tencel cover.

Every WinkBed purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee and a 120-night sleep trial. Customers in the contiguous United States also get free shipping and returns. The mattresses are produced to order at a US manufacturer and delivered in a manageable mattress-in-a-box size.


  • Unique Hybrid Design
  • Back Relief System
  • Motion Isolation Technology


  • Little Bit Expensive

2. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers- Helix Midnight Luxe


  • Luxe Upgrade Features
  • Medium Firmness Feel
  • Cooling Premium Pillow Top
  • 100 Nights Trial Period
  • 10 to 15 Years Warranty

Product Description:

Side sleepers need good pressure relief, and the Helix Midnight Luxe has it. This hybrid has zoned lumbar support, so the spine is stiffer and the shoulders softer. Its luxurious quilted pillow top relieves pressure points.

The Helix Midnight Luxe scored well in our cooling test, so side sleepers will be comfortable without overheating. In addition, the mattress's sturdy design and zoned core region make it suitable for light, moderate, and heavyweight side sleepers.


  • Ultra-Breathable
  • Pressure Point Relief


  • Pricey, not for Budget Shoppers

3. Best Cooling- GhostBed Luxe


  • Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Cutting Edge Sleep Technology 
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • Made In the USA

Product Description:

Ghost Ice, a cool-to-the-touch cover, and gel memory foam keep you cool and comfy all night. Sleep researchers created phase-change technology. This technology detects and adjusts to heat.

A base with a high density offers the best possible support, durability, and longevity. The layer of gel memory foam in the GhostBed Luxe contours to your body to relieve pressure spots, prevent motion transmission, and do away with the urge to toss and turn during the night.

Each GhostBed mattress, including the GhostBed Luxe, is manufactured in the United States and carries the CertiPUR-US seal.


  • Coolness and Comfort
  • Comforting Pressure Relief
  • Coils and Foam structure provide Back Support.


  • Edges are Poorly Supported.

4. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress


  • Brooklyn Signature Hybrid
  • Premium Quilted Top
  • Different Levels of Firmness
  • Patented Titan Flex Pressure Relieving Foam
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • A Risk-Free 120-Day Trial

Product Description:

Brooklyn Bedding is a one-of-a-kind mattress company that prides itself on being created in the United States. They operate their factory, allowing them to make high-quality mattresses at lower pricing than other bed-in-a-box brands.

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress has been an excellent choice for combination sleepers. The Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid mattress, which means the support structure is made up of foam and innerspring coils.

If you sleep a lot on your back or stomach, this bed provides enough support to keep your hips sinking too far into the mattress. Overall, Brooklyn Bedding is a fantastic bargain option that is quite resilient and adaptable to various sleeping positions.


  • Great Pressure Relief
  • Good Edge Support
  • Durable


  • Watch out- not for Strict Side Sleepers

5. AMERISLEEP AS3 Memory Foam Mattress


  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US 
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • 100% American Made

Product Description:

Amerisleep is one of the most recommended brands since they provide a wide selection of mattresses, each built with high-quality, eco-friendly materials. In addition, all of the foam and materials used in their beds are produced in the United States.

Each Amerisleep mattress has a comfortable, vented fabric cover that keeps you cool while you sleep. Amerisleep's Bio-Pur® layer is a plant-based memory foam that doesn't retain heat. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and CertiPUR-US® certified, this material has minimal off-gassing or “new mattress” scent.

The AS3's transition layer uses HIVE®-powered Affinity foam. This sensitive material lifts and aligns the body's heaviest regions while sleeping. This feature keeps the spine aligned with the hips and shoulders, preventing back muscular stress. With a safe, comfortable sleep posture, you'll wake up rejuvenated.

The base of the AS3 incorporates Amerisleep's Bio-Core® foam, a solid, supportive material that helps maintain the mattress's longevity and defend against sagging and indentations. Amerisleep also offers a 100-night sleeping trial and a 20-year warranty on their beds' quality and design.


  • Eco-Friendly Production
  • Designed to Enhance Sleep
  • Alleviates Pressure Points


  • Little bit Expensive
  1. Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress


  • Medium Firm Mattress
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • 100-Night Risk-Free Trial
  • Limited 10-Year Warranty

Product Description:

Produced in Georgia, Michigan, and California, Casper mattresses are known for their body-hugging feel and comforting softness. It uses responsive polyfoam on the top layer to keep you from sinking into the bed's surface even as it gently cradles your body. Another component that distinguishes the Casper is its permeable, open-cell foams that help keep sleepers dry and cool.

Casper's “Zoned Support” memory foam layer is one of the reasons it is our top pick for memory foam beds. The Original Casper mattress enables a wide range of sleeping positions because of the combination of more rigid foam in the center and softer foam at the feet and shoulders.

The shoulders of side sleepers are well-cushioned, the core zones of the stomach and back sleepers are strengthened for better alignment, and the overall contouring is balanced. The Casper was highly rated for its ability to maintain proper spinal alignment and prevent the twisting and turning of the lower back.


  • Relieves Pressure
  • Ergonomic Alignment


  • Someone Find it Soft
  1. Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress


  • Gel-infused Mattress
  • Natural Cooling Technology
  • 2 Free Memory Foam Pillows
  • Made in the USA

Product Description:

Sleepers can pick between a medium-soft  and a firm  side of the Layla Memory Foam Mattress, flippable. Sleepers can simply flip the mattress over to switch sides.

Memory foam with copper gel infusion and a polyfoam top layer for medium-firm comfort. It contains a copper gel-infused memory foam layer on the firm side and a polyfoam support core on the soft side.

Both sides are covered with a ThermoGEL cooling agent-infused polyester and viscose material. White and gray hexagons cover the softer side of the cover; black hexagons cover the firmer side.

There are two sides to a mattress: one for those who sleep on their stomach or back and one for those who sleep on their stomach or back and weigh 130 to 230 pounds.

If you're looking for a mattress made in the United States of America, this one is it. Because Layla knows how important it is for customers to have the best pillows, she offers them two for the price of one and free domestic shipping. Additionally, Layla provides a lifetime warranty on all of its mattresses.


  • Antimicrobial
  • Sleep Cooler
  • Best for Side Sleepers with Back Pain


  • Uncomfortable
  1. TUFT & NEEDLE- Original Queen Adaptive Foam Mattress


  • T&N Original Mattress
  • Propriety Adaptive Foam
  • Open-Cell Cooling Technology
  • 10-Year Guarantee

Product Description:

The T&N Adaptive foam structure of this mattress makes it comfortable for all sleeping positions. It feels both springy and supportive. It may also be boxed for speedier shipping without compromising on its quality.

The T&N Adapted foam sleeps cool, is comfortable, and gives good pressure relief; the high-grade foam is more advanced than latex and memory foam. In addition, it won't wake up your partner.

A 100-night sleeping trial and a 10-year limited warranty are included with this mattress. Designers go above and above to have the mattresses Greenguard Gold and Certi PUR certified, ensuring that they are free of dangerous chemicals, substances, and materials.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Durability
  • Excellent Edge Support


  • Not Great for Hot Sleepers
  1. Best Mattress for Couples- Leesa Hybrid


  • Sapira Hybrid Mattress
  • Premium Cooling Foam
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • 100-Night's Sleep Trial

Product Description:

The Leesa Hybrid is an excellent choice for couples because it is made in the United States in facilities employing American workers and using American-sourced components. This hybrid's foam-on-coil architecture absorbs the feeling of movement with ease, otherwise known as motion isolation.

The movement of your partner's body won't wake you up if they get up in the middle of the night for a snack or to use the bathroom. Steel coils and pressure-relieving memory foam distribute weight evenly throughout the mattress surface, focusing on spine alignment.

It doesn't matter if you prefer different sleeping positions, move around a lot, or have a different body shape than your partner; the Leesa Hybrid can accommodate these differences.


  • Targeted Pressure Relief
  • Cooling Top Layer
  • Breathability


  • Uncomfortable Edge Support
  1. Best Pressure Relief- Nolah Signature 12


  • Medium Plush Mattress
  • Premium Layered AirFoam
  • Luxury Organic Cotton Cover

Product Description:

12-inch AirFoam mattress. AirFoam increases breathability and cushions high-pressure locations. AirFoam, polyfoam, and stiffer AirFoam are used in the bed's comfort technology to create a responsive sensation. Seven inches of polyfoam make up the mattress's core.

Ivory organic cotton makes the mattress's cover, allowing air to pass through. Hot sleepers who enjoy the feel of responsive foam may find this mattress to their liking.

The medium (5) firmness level of the all-foam Nolah Signature 12 provides support and pressure alleviation. Firmer foam mattresses, hybrids, and innerspring mattresses may be more suited for heavier back and stomach sleepers.

There is a lifetime limited warranty included with each Nolah mattress. In addition to a 120-night sleep trial and free shipping and returns inside the contiguous United States.

Nolah uses American-made materials in its eight U.S. plants. In about a week, the firm creates a mattress and ships it via FedEx. Mattress delivery takes 1 to 4 days after shipping.


  • Durability
  • Perfect Spinal Alignment
  • Relieves Pressure


  • Do not put it in Washing Machine
  1. Best for Heavy Sleepers- Titan Firm Hybrid


  • 2″ High-Density Base Foam
  • Individually Encased Coils
  • Risk-Free Trial of 120 Nights
  • 10-Year Warranty

Product Description:

The sturdy design of this firm (8) mattress and the supporting coils let it accommodate sleepers weighing 230 pounds. The Titan Firm Hybrid's sensitive surface allows for easy movement, and its hybrid construction encourages ventilation for an excellent sleep experience.

This mattress is excellent for couples or people who share a bed with a pet or child because it is soft and easy to move around. It also has better edge support than most mattresses.

The mattress features a 2-inch Titan Flex foam layer for smoothness and responsiveness on top of a 1-inch top luxury surface of gel-infused memory foam. Individually wrapped pocketed coils and high-density polyfoam create a solid support core.

The business offers an optional cooling top panel for anyone worried about sleeping warm despite the mattress's permeability.

Brooklyn Bedding's website sells this bed. A wide variety of sizes and types of mattresses are available. From the facility in Arizona, Brooklyn Bedding ships the Titan Firm Hybrid mattress. You can return any item for free within the 48 contiguous states. Every mattress comes with a ten-year warranty and a one hundred twenty-night trial period.


  • Pressure Point Relief
  • Responsive Contouring
  • Superior Motion Isolation


  • Users find it too Firm
  1. Best Mattress for Back Pain- Bear


  • Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Responsive Transition Foam
  • High-Density Foam
  • Made in the USA 
  • Lifetime Warranty

Product Description:

Finding a mattress that doesn't exacerbate back discomfort is critical for those who suffer from it while they sleep. A mattress that is either too soft or too firm will worsen your backaches further. The Bear Original mattress is developed specifically for those with an active lifestyle but features supporting foam to help those with back trouble.

The Bear's foam layers have a medium-firm feel and conform to the body, gently lifting it while preventing the spine from slipping out of alignment. The Bear is your best bet if you're looking for contouring and support.

The Bear's cooling features are a bonus. A Gel memory foam mattress removes heat from the surface, so hot sleepers have a pleasant night.


  • Responsiveness
  • Cooling Cover


  • Pricey
  1. Best Organic Mattress- Avocado Green


  • Certified Organic Mattress
  • Luxury Plush Feel
  • 25-Year Warranty

Product Description:

Avocado Green is an excellent, US-made latex mattress handmade in California and contains high-grade, non-toxic, organic components. An eco-friendly latex hybrid, the Avocado Green uses organic cotton, wool, natural rubber latex, and a pocketed steel coil construction.

Avocado Green's five ergonomic zones support specific areas of the body. Sleepers with back problems will appreciate its practically perfect test results, which showed a 9.5 out of 10 on the spinal alignment scale.

Although some of its raw ingredients are sourced from other countries (such as the organic latex cultivated on ethical farms in India), Avocado only uses the best organic, ethical, and natural components. The hypoallergenic and cooling properties of latex make it an excellent choice for a mattress topper.


  • Generous Warranty and Trial Period
  • Comfortable
  • Spinal Alignment


  • Not best for Co-sleepers

What is an American Made Mattress?

Each mattress on this list is made in the United States and shipped there, which may be necessary to you for various reasons. First and foremost, by purchasing these mattresses, you are helping to keep money in the United States and promoting businesses there.

Additionally, buying a mattress that adheres to US emissions requirements and can be more readily sent to your home is an eco-friendlier option. On top of all that, some sleepers may take pride in American craftsmanship, which means these beds are more than giving.

Shopping Considerations

Here are some things to think about when you search for a mattress that is excellent in quality and affordable, according to your preferences for how you want to sleep.

Type of Mattress

Memory Foam: Memory foam offers some people a more traditional, cushioned sleeping experience. These mattresses tend to be inexpensive, comfy, and supportive, yet many tend to run hot.

Innerspring: Mattresses with innerspring coils conform to your body's movements and provide the support you require; they also sleep cooler than those with memory foam.

Latex: You may spend a little more on a latex mattress, but you will have superior comfort and better temperature management.

Hybrid: Some of the materials described earlier can be found in hybrid mattresses, enabling mattresses to enjoy the advantages of traditional and contemporary models.

Performance Factors

Set-up: Consider how long it will take you to unpack and break in your new mattress and whether the white-glove installation is available.

Pressure Relief: Keep an eye out for a mattress that uniformly disperses your body weight and relieves the pressure placed on your joints.

Spine Alignment: Certain mattresses perform better than others when encouraging a good, upright posture.

Durability: In most cases, if you read the words “Made in the USA” on a mattress, you may be reasonably confident that it will have a decent amount of longevity.

Motion Transfer: Even if both partners toss and turn throughout the night, a mattress that effectively transfers motion won't allow them to wake the other accidentally.

Temperature Regulation: It's very uncommon for foam beds to get a little toasty, so look for alternatives like gel or other materials that keep the temperature down.

Responsiveness: The responsiveness of a mattress is its ability to conform to your shifting positions during the night. This is a crucial metric to consider while talking about combination sleepers.

Edge Support: Edge support is a significant factor to think about if you tend to sleep with your head near the side of the bed.


The cost of your mattress will be determined by the type of mattress material you choose and the size you require.


Many mattress manufacturers in the United States now use cutting-edge materials to create supportive and safe sleeping surfaces. These companies are held to high standards to ensure that you get a comfortable night's sleep without compromising indoor air purity.

You may have to pay a little more upfront for the best American mattress. Nonetheless, your investment will benefit the US economy, retain US jobs, and help to keep the environment clean. You'll also take home a safe, clean mattress that shouldn't cause any health problems.

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