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The Best Back To School Snacks

Back to school is in full swing which means that so are back to school snacks. Whether your kiddos are just starting Kindergarten, or in their last year of college, everyone needs a good snack from time to time. Thankfully there are plenty to go around, and with choices from Welch’s, Go Organically, Brooklyn Organics, Aqua Ball, Viki’s Granola, The Little Kernel, Gaea, and Sparkling Ice, there is something for everyone.

back to school snacks

My daughter started First Grade this year, and she loves her Aqua Ball Strawberry Lemonade flavored water. Add in a pack of Go Organically fruit snacks, or a Welch’s Fruit Roll, and she is ready to power through the day. But snacks aren’t just for school, what about when they come home for the day? Something about after school makes all the kids hungry; we opt for The Little Kernel mini popcorn, and a Sparkling Ice flavored water, for those occasions.

back to school snacks

Need something a little different? How about a Brooklyn Organics soda? perfect with a handful of Gaea Olives! Or how about a bowl of Viki’s Granola…with or without milk? All of these snack options are a must; because they are made with some of the best ingredients around, you rest assured that you are giving your kids the best in back to school snacks.

Good snacks can go a long way in keeping your kids fueled up and ready to learn, so grab a few of these great choices, and make this school year amazing!  My kids love these snacks, and I am sure yours will as well…who am I kidding, I love these snacks! I like to keep extra around, just in case…you can never go wrong with organic and delicious snacks and drinks.

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