In every IT specialization, there’s also a corresponding set of certifications created to assist IT professionals in their quest for skill improvement and career advancement. Likewise, these certification programs are often utilized by employers in evaluating potential candidates and analyzing job performances.

And if you’re focused on expanding your expertise in Windows Server 2012 solutions and services, you’ve got to consider taking an MCSA in Windows Server 2012. This highly-rated Microsoft accreditation is all you need to gain technical mastery of basic and advanced Server 2012 features.

One of the key areas expounded by MCSA: Windows Server 2012


This particular MCSA MS-100 accreditation wraps up your in-depth command in Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. And to fully earn this Microsoft endorsement, you’ve got to successfully complete its mandatory tests―exam 70-410 for your installation & configuration skills, exam 70-410 for your supervision ability, and exam 70-412 for your advanced configuration aptitude. And in this article, we will have a comprehensive look at its third and last certification assessment, which is MCSA exam 70-412. You can find out all here

Unlike the two other certification exams, this one is more challenging because it deals with multifaceted features of a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. Some of the main areas discussed are high availability, VM movements, file services, failover clustering, NLB nodes, and the like. For the section of business continuity, you will be introduced to technical tasks such as configuring backups, managing fault tolerance, and improving servers. Other important topics covered include DNS solution, IPAM, AD RMS, AD CS, AD FS, SYSVOL, FCI, DAC, and more .

Specifically, the listed technical responsibilities are highly suitable for the following job roles:


  • Computer systems administrator



An organization can’t smoothly work without a computer systems administrator. Some vital tasks of a computer systems administrator are maintaining workflow efficacy, installing different computers, configuring servers, ensuring security systems, troubleshoot network issues, update software, and a lot more. All these responsibilities are significant in running a business’ areas of networks. Simply said, this job role is the backbone of an efficient computer system and critical infrastructure components.

Hence, in becoming a computer systems administrator, you should have a technical mind, great analytical skills, and impeccable communication ability. Dealing with all these challenging systems issues every day is no easy task. So, you should be ready at all times to work and fix whatever network and system problem because companies cannot work efficiently without these core foundations.


  • Computer network specialist



Another ideal technical role for this certification is a computer network specialist. This specific position is more or less the same as the computer systems administrator. However, network specialists are more inclined to providing specific support to certain network areas. These tasks depend on the needs of employers. For instance, if you are assigned to network security, this means you will work with all issues involving the security of the organization’s network. Or, if you are given the responsibility in setting up and maintaining different networks, then you will come across various tasks covering LANs, WANs, and such. You might also be in charge of network-related programs like switches, routers, and firewalls.

So in comparison, network specialists are more on the technical side as compared to computer systems administrators who are more on the management area.

And with the help of your MCSA in Windows Server 2012, you will be more skillful in working your everyday roles as a computer systems administrator or a computer network specialist. It will be now easier for you to manage all sorts of Server 2012 features, whether basic or complex ones. It’s because you are well-trained and well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. 

Secure your MCSA credential in one take through exam dumps


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A key certification to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert


Did you know that MCSA: Windows Server 2012 is the gateway to becoming an MCSE: Core Infrastructure? So, if you want to have a highly specialized knowledge and expert skills in Microsoft Server, this is the perfect certification path to take. Once you have your MCSE, you don’t just earn a coveted Microsoft accreditation but also a verified endorsement of your expertise. This expert-level validation signifies your ability to work on complex functions involving data center, networking, identity management, and more!



Because of the notable changes in the IT scope, certification programs are becoming more and more popular. Often than not, these are no longer considered as supplementary badges but rather essential tools in various IT professions. Professionals from all sectors are seeking specialized certifications to help them shape their careers. And of course, having a Microsoft certification is never a waste of time, effort, and money. So, earn the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2012 using the most actual exam dumps and enjoy your entryway to a flourishing IT career!

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