When I am looking for a certain persons , gift I am looking for something I know they are going to like and use often. With my family they like either coffee, or tea. When I saw this great deal on  Prama Chai , I knew this would make the best gift got someone.

During their four years traveling the globe together, Vincent Conti and Mario Minichilli experienced authentic Masala tea, or Chai, which can be traced unmistakably back to the Hindu natural healing system called “Ayurveda” in which combinations of spices and herbs are used to cure bodily ailments. When they returned to Australia, they began to develop an authentic chai blend inspired by those they had fallen in love with in India. As they perfected their recipe at their Melbourne cafe, customers grew to love their chai and fate brought about a friendship with Koray. Prana Chai was born and is now spreading rapidly to cafes & their customers worldwide.

The Prana Chai starter kit gives you all you need to. make and have your first cup of chai and it will come out perfect. If your like me I hate reading any directions, I tend to try and figure it out myself. Prana Chai is hand crafted using a premium blend of fresh, whole spices sourced from many parts of the world including India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. We blend these spices with 100% Black Ceylon tea and just enough organic honey to bring out the rich flavors and begin the infusion process.

What got me was how well packaged this was, made giving it to someone seem so much more perfect. Id your a tea drinker or not this would be the best tasting tea, you have ever drank.  The gift box gives you everything you need to pamper and nurture yourself or loved ones and to get you started.

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