Best Destinations To Take Your Campervan

An interesting piece of knowledge is that not every state is ideal for the campervan lifestyle. So while it might seem like you can pack your things and travel around easily everywhere, the truth is that some places are more suitable than others. This is due to various reasons, from climate-related issues to camping accessibility. Here’s a look at some of the best destinations to take your campervan.


Utah offers five national parks to explore and some of the most iconic landscapes. You can spend lots of time in this state due to how much exploration there is and its accessibility. If you're into spending the days in the mountains and the evenings at a campsite, add Utah to your list for extended stays. It's relatively close to various other campervan-friendly locations as well.


Maine is a bit more off-grid than people realize. It's drastically different than the hot desert sun and offers more lush green views and a taste of ocean life. Ensure you ready your camping van by packing bug protection to ward off those pesky mosquitoes. You don't experience this on the west coast, but on the east, you will. Despite the bugs, Maine is incredibly lush and features one of the country's most beautiful and abundant parks, Acadia National Park.


California offers the most abundance regarding campervan lifestyles. You can camp on the beach, in desert lands, or in forest areas. Some of the most popular locations in California include Joshua Tree National Park and Lake Tahoe. The warm climate in California supports the outdoor adventurer. You should also consider a set of solar panels to give you power since it’s usually sunny there.


The desert is almost always conducive to the campervan lifestyle because the climate is reliable, and there are many free places to camp or boondock. Arizona is a unique treasure because of all the additional outdoor activities you can find and the fantastic range of natural features. For example, you can count on high heat and dry air in Sedona. But in Flagstaff, you can cool off and see some snow.


While the West Coast is a great destination for the campervan lifestyle, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Midwest and beyond offer a few great spots. Depending on the year, Minnesota provides a refreshing, slow-paced lake vibe for your travels. The fall is a beautiful time of year for the state and offers crisp fall air, changing foliage, and a chance to see the northern lights when the clouds dissipate.

Choosing the bestplace to camp in your van can be challenging. It's essential that the environment supports your interests and that you maintain safety. Remember to enjoy every moment, slow down, and breathe deeply wherever you decide to go!

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