Growing up with a big family, holidays were always so special. We had two sets of grandparents, and I can remember if, we didn't go to dinner we ended going for dessert later that day. My grandpa was Italian, and he was set in his ways and traditions. The one I can remember most us we never went in that house, without kissing him.

Thinking of all the family, we have lost and all the traditions we had, the other thing that sticks out is we always had Panettone for dessert. Recently I was able to try some and when I say some my husband ate the whole thing.

Before industrialization, panettone (literally, “big bread”) was made in local bakeries or at home, and it was a laborious, time-consuming task. Traditionally, the father, or head of the household, would mark a cross at the top of the tall loaf of sweetened bread before it was placed in the oven, as a good omen for the coming year. And, still to this day, panettone retains a special aura, bringing a feeling of love, luck, and joy whenever it is offered.

Panettone is a dome-shaped Italian sweet bread studded with candied fruits, traditionally served as special treats for Christmas and Easter holidays. Giusto Sapore’s authentic Italian imported Panettone is made with butter and generous portions of raisins and candied orange peel. This light and airy two-pound round loaf. Considered a naturally leavened baked cake, Panettone is hung upside down while cooling to preserve its domed shape and light texture. It is enjoyed at breakfast or as a dessert – served plain or toasted with butter and powdered sugar.

You can use this to make french toast, bread pudding, and so many more awesome recipes, or just as it is with some jam and butter, the choice is yours.

How would you use it?

What if you like other traditions, like getting your child the perfect Easter basket. The perfect place for me is Spots on a Leopard. They have the cutest Easter Baskets that are perfect for anyone you want to give a basket too. Mine went to Amanda her face lit up, and she was so excited.

Sweet Easter Bunny Bucket




Spots on a Leopard is an online retail store that specializes in incredible boutiques. They have so many options to choose from, and nothing is overpriced, the place to pick up that special gift.   With every occasion pretty much, in one place shopping will be a snap. And it's less stress for everyone. So if you're looking for an Easter Basket or a special occasion gift, then this is the place for you.

They will hop for joy when they see this brightly-colored gift filled with Easter goodies! The sunny yellow tin holds an adorable plush bunny rabbit along with chocolate foil eggs, classic bunny Peeps and a box of crunchy chocolate chip cookies. All tied with a festive bow.

Amanda loved everything this basket had, and this is not only sticking with a tradition we grew up on its perfect. The varieties of different things in the basket makes it so much better. It isn't all bout the candy, they even throw in cookies and my mom would have took the taffy from her. If this is something you would want, head on over to Spots On A Leopard and see all the wonderful things they have.

Peppermint Popcorn Crunch (3.5 oz each, 1 count); Chocolate Truffle Cookies (1.8 oz each, 1 count); Dark Chocolate Toffee (1.3 oz each, 1 count); Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 oz each, 1 count); California Delicious Salt Water Taffy (5 oz each, 1 count); Ghirardelli Dark & Raspberry Bar (3.5 oz each, 1 count); Plush Easter Bunny (8 in each, 1 count)

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