When it comes to our pets, they are more than that to us, they are our children and we are all about finding them the right foods and snacks. That is where Chewys comes in, they have everything I want and can have it delivered with no issues.  We have cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and our mom's bird, and now chewy has things for them as well. saving us a trip to the feed store and Walmart.

Oxbow Essentials Bunny Basics

Feed your adult rabbit a diet that combines essential fiber and stabilized nutrients with Oxbow Essentials Bunny Basics/T Adult Rabbit Food. Adult rabbits have different nutritional needs than juveniles. They still need a lot of fiber to keep their digestive systems working properly and basic vitamins and minerals, but not as much as growing rabbits. Oxbow Essentials Bunny Basics/T Adult Rabbit Food is specifically designed to meet the particular nutritional needs of adult rabbits. It is made from timothy grass hay to aid in digestion and contains optimum protein and calcium-to-phosphorous levels. To transition your rabbit to his new food, gradually replace his current food with the new food over a four-week time period to prevent digestive issues and finicky eating patterns.

Our rabbits love their pellets, and of course their fresh vegetables we give them twice a day. We try and give them a well-balanced diet, to keep them healthy and well. We did have a surprise when they found some babies, in the cage thinking we didn't have a male and female.


Purina Pro Plan Crunchy Bites Cat Snacks


Purina Pro Plan knows that every cat is different in her own, wonderful way. That's why they offer their food in three product categories — Savor, Focus, and Finesse. Give your cat exactly what she needs to excel. Purina Pro Plan Savor embraces the senses through taste, texture and aroma. Give your cat the nutrition she needs for a healthy, active life, along with a sensory experience that will have her loving every minute of it!


The food we can trust, not to harm our pets and we can rest knowing they will love it.  Chewy's is the place to go for all your pets needs, from a dog to cats and smaller animals you can get their needs here.



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