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Best for you: Fire Pits for Wood Decks


Are you planning to have Fire Pits for Wood Decks? But the multiple options available in the market makes it a challenging task to choose the best Fire Pit. We all have the almost same requirements like Pocket Friendly, Safest, Less Space Consuming, Designer and Durable Fire Pit. 

Not to worry about finding a Perfect Fire Pit here I am providing the best options below available of all. 

Some tips for using the Fire Pits which I kept in mind while creating this list of 5 best Fire Pits for Wood Decks.

  • Unless a hearth pit has been specifically designed to be used on wooden, composite, or vinyl surfaces, it won’t be safe to use one on them.
  • You’ll use improvised solutions, but they’re going to never be as safe as a preapproved and tested cavity for a wooden deck.
  • With a hearth pit explicitly designed to be used on wooden decks, you’ll be able to take care that your Fire pits for wood decks and your property are safe. 
  • The fire pit should be more reliable than whatever quite DIY solution you’ll come up with, and that they must adjust to city codes in your area.
  • A fire pit suitable to be used on wooden decks must come with additional equipment like mesh spark guards and heat-resistant base pads. 

5 Best Fire Pits for Wood Decks in 2020

1 – Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit 

Key features:

  • Stainless steel body. 
  • Vents for improved air circulation. 
  • Safety symbolizes patio wooden decks. 
  • Multiple sizes are available.

 The Solo Stove Bonfire cavity is one sleek cavity. the primary thing to catch the attention during this pit is that the chrome steel body which not only ensures durability but also makes the hearth pit look good. 

The key feature of this hearth pit isn’t its body though – rather, it’s that this fireplace pit is meant to enhance air circulation inside which makes this Fire pits for wood decks extraordinary. 

What the double walls allow is the freer circulation of air within the hearth pit, which successively makes the wood burn better and produces less smoke.

2-Jasmine Outdoor 33-Inch Square Fire Pit

Key features:

  • It is very easy to assemble
  • It is user-friendly and Portable
  • It looks Attractive and Durable
  • It consists of a tough and tensile metal body

This fireplace pit is meant in minimalist European and American style, and the fireplace pit can be installed in an exceedingly short time, which is the most convenient.

It is a Small and lightweight pit that is straightforward to hold. 

It is beautifully shaped in Sturdy design with a stylized flame cut-out pattern of the fireplace. That will illuminate your cosy evening and ensures that consistent air intake for abundant flames.

3 – Jaxon Outdoor Fire Table


Key features:

  • It is a Smooth concrete build.
  • It has lava rocks for improved flame visuals. 
  • It consists of separate tank holder. 
  • This is one of the beautiful pits to place on your deck. 

The fireplace pit looks attractive by itself, but Jaxon has pushed things further with lava rocks placed within the fire pit’s bed which make the flame look more natural.

 Aside from imparting an attractive look to the current pit, the concrete also makes it durable and weather-resistant. 

Operating on propane, this outdoor fire table is excellent to be used on wooden decks. And to take care of the sleek look of their pit, Jaxon has equipped it with a tank compartment where you’ll put away your propane tank.

4- Outland Living Cypress Firepit


Key features:

  • It is ratedRated 58,000 BTU/hour. 
  • It is of very lightweight = 26 pounds of weight.
  • 5 pounds of lava rocks included.
  • It has extra protective features like Powder-coated & enamel-finish steel build. 

Yet another wood deck cavity by Outland Living – now, it’s the beautiful Firebowl. This is a more comfortable and more rustic-looking piece than the Outland Living 410 fire table, which can be more appealing.

The steel body of this hearth pit also features powder coating and an enamel finish, which allows for increased durability and corrosion resistance.

 A propane pit, the Cypress Firebowl won’t deliver an authentic experience, but it comes with 5.5 pounds of lava rock to slightly enhance the fire’s flickering effect.

As mentioned above, among the hazards coming from a fireplace pit are sparks and embers. 

These can appear of your pit and land right onto the wooden surface. And if left unattended, they possibly will cause a fireplace.

 Screens and spark guards are designed to stay sparks, ash, and embers inside the fireplace pit.

5- Campfire Defender Firepit

Key features:

  • It has sleek Foldable design. 
  • It can bear the weight and pressure up to 125 pounds of wood.
  • It has a very minimal weight of 8 pounds.
  • Heatshield under perdition bottom. 
  • Steel mesh bottom for increased airflow.

 This pop-up wood cavity employs similar ideas to the Bonfire cavity we overviewed within the beginning, but it’s drastically different. 

The Bonfire weighed around 60 pounds, while this thing just 8, so it’s visiting be very easy to hold.

 Not only that, this fireplace pit is foldable, which makes it exceptionally storage-efficient and straightforward to move. 

 It’s sufficient enough to permit cold air to flow up into the hearth, but it doesn’t allow ash and soot to fail even when being extinguished with water.

But sparks screens are often different – when choosing a spark guard for your cavity, confirm to select one with as fine mesh as possible. 

But confine mind that a spark guard is also unable to make sure 100% safety – fine sparks could still fly out.

 To eliminate the chance of this, you must cover the fireplace pit with a solid cover, but this could defeat the aim of the hearth pit. And, after all, don’t leave your cavity unattended.

Safety Tips for your Fire Pit-


  • The least bit times Accidents can occur irrespective of how safe you think that your cavity is. 
  • Even a hearth pit designed for wooden deck use isn’t risk-free.
  • Because of this, you would like to exercise caution when employing a pit on wooden or other easily combustible surfaces.

Here are some safety tips that you must follow:   

  • Do not place your cavity against the side of your home. 
  • Dispose of the ashes after the hearth pit has cooled down (if you’re employing a wood fire pit).
  • Remember not to place the hearth pit on the wooden deck directly.
  • Keep water nearby for emergencies. Do not use lighter fluid to illuminate the wood. Do not leave your cavity unattended.