Best Games In Each Major Genre

Various industries have been adopting various changes that enable them to give the customers the services they need. Casino emerges among the top sectors as it is known for technological developments and adopting changes. You can enjoy some of the best casino games that allow the players to experience classic gaming through various Canadian platforms. However, choosing a reliable casino platform like thabet is essential if you prefer to get the best gambling experience.

The games are in sub-groups or genres that make it easier for the gamers to choose what they need. We linked up with our gaming expert Lucas Goldberg (check his profile) to enlighten you on the various gaming genres. The following are some of the types of video games and their examples:






Action-Adventure games

If you love games that involve two game mechanics or obstacles that need conquering, then Action -Adventure is the best genre for you. The games in this genre will give you a thrilling experience, whether alone or with friends. They primarily aim at games that are more explorative and puzzle-related. Below are some of them:

  • Survival Horror

As the name suggests, Survival Horror is among the games that are not ideal for children. The experience is awful hence may disturb their mind. But, it’s the genre for adults who love scary things.

The game uses blood and gore to expose the audience to the wonderful experience they need. It also includes the use of weaponry. You will find ammunition and finite to make your gaming session excellent.

  • Metroidvania

It’s among the games that allow the players to upgrade their weapons and special access areas. Some Canadians will think that the game will require them to possess some special talents to play. But that’s a different case because it’s a basic action-adventure game.

The unique aspect about it is the lack of linearity. It requires the player to backtrack frequently. Otherwise, it’s among the best pc games by genre to play.

Metroidvania type of games are the best to play because they will make you yearn for more playtime. Also, you will never know the meaning of boredom when playing them.

Adventure games

The majority of the Canadian players will think that it’s among the new video game genres, yet such games have existed for quite some time. That’s because they have been only playing the casino games that allow them to qualify for free spins for $1 in most of the online casinos.

The games in this genre are not story-based. But, they get categorized by the style of play and not the story or content.

Although the advancement of technology in gaming allows game developers to use storytelling as part of the game, they haven’t utilized the opportunity yet.

It’s a fantastic game that allows the players to interact with their environment. Through their interaction, they share ideas on how to solve the recurring puzzles in the game. Examples of games under this niche include:

  • Graphic adventures

  • Visual Novels

  • Text adventures




Action games

Action games are among the best niche PC games. They are among the easiest to play because they do not require the player to go through sophisticated procedures to bring the gaming experience they dream of into reality.

They are mainly referred to as Action because it’s the players who are the center of the action. But it’s majorly composed of physical challenges that the players must overcome. If you have played some of the oldest action games, such as Galaga, you will agree that the games are fascinating. Here are some of them to consider:

  • Fighting

As the name suggests, Fighting is among the most amazing types of video games that focus the action on combat. It mainly involves hand-to-hand combat as the common thing in the game.

The game is progressive as the player must fight their way up. They need to start with weaker opponents and proceed to the next levels that involve stronger ones. Without that, it becomes challenging for them to rise above the levels they need.

  • Stealth

Canadians who love playing games based on solving challenges will not tire of playing the game, even if it’s for the first time. It encourages them to engage actively in the game throughout, making it fall under the genre.

As you can see, games are not limited to one specific genre. Players have the liberty to choose from some of the best gambling games or any genre that suits them.


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