Valentine's Day is right around the corner and what better way to say I Love You than with a box of chocolate? Baci Perugina is indulgent and delectable to say the least. Gluten free and kosher? Yes Please! They do contain nuts if you have a nut allergy though. 12 individually wrapped hazelnut truffle like chocolates fill this box and it's hard to eat just 1. Each Bacio Perugina also comes wrapped in it's own love note. What does your little love note say? You may need a translator to read it since it is written in Italian so dust off your translator and enjoy the words of philosophers, classical authors, contemporary artists and proverbs.

I Love chocolate and hazelnuts and when they are put together it makes them that much better. Each bonbon has a creamy center with a plethora of chopped up nuts mixed into the chocolate and sitting on top of that ball of goodness is a whole hazelnut. They are then dipped in chocolate to create a shell that holds them together. A pure bite of heaven if you ask me! This would be a perfect gift for anyone that loves chocolate and hazelnuts together. It's not as sweet as that spread everyone loves but just as indulgent if not more.

Yep, that's a whole hazelnut on top of that nut studded ganache! I had one and then another.. oh my goodness, I couldn't stop eating them! After the 3rd chocolate I had to contain myself and close the box so I wouldn't eat them all in one sitting. My kids even loved them. I was hiding them for myself and they saw me sneak one and they came running with hands out. My beloved little bonbons didn't last very long, maybe a few days. I think I have actually found a new favorite bonbon to indulge in..Baci Perugina! One bite and you will be hooked. I was!

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