Are you like us and constantly complaining of neck and shoulder pain. Being at the computer for hours and hours can take its toll on your body. We have been searching for the perfect and affordable, massager that let's face it everyone can use, truMedic Instashiatsu Pro is great. Not only are you getting a neck and shoulder massage, it's giving you so much more.

WE HAVE A deal at my house. If your neck or shoulders hurt, you can pay one of the kids to massage you for a few minutes. You give them a buck for their trouble. Nice system, but it doesn’t really help. A ten-year-old simply lacks the hand strength and the attention span to do any good against the ravages of modern life.

There are all kinds of massage gadgets on the market to automate this task, and I’ve tried a bunch of them. Most are useless—junk like simple vibrating chair pads or wands that, let’s be honest, are not really designed for use on the upper half of the body.

This is the perfect solution, you can get your massage and it benefits so much more. Helps you sleep better, relaxation, circulation, pain relief and blood pressure


The massager cord plugs into one of the two included adapters, which can be used to plug the product into either a standard home power outlet or a car charging outlet. There is a panel along one of the front straps with four buttons used to control the massager. These include a simple on/off button, a button to turn on and off the key element, a button to change the direction of the bowl rotation, and finally an option of three different rotation speeds. And what's really great about this is you can adjust it and put it where the pain is. Sometimes my youngest will “beat me up” – pound on me. It actually feels good but doesn't really work as good.

You control the intensity and area of the InstaShiatsu. Need some extra help relaxing after a long day? just slip your arms or hands through the wrist supports and tighten your grip to experience an invigorating massage that will deeply knead and loosen your muscles. Relaxing your grip will provide a more gentle massage for those looking for a less intense experience. Experiencing tension and want to relieve areas other than your neck and back? the InstaShiatsu+ also feels excellent on your calves, thighs, or lower back. Since we have been using this, we have had no issues, and the tension and pain have been not as bad.

What a great gift for the lady in your life, who has pain all the time.


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