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Best Pets For A Busy Household

When you are already short of time in life, the thought of getting a pet could be just too much. But there are so many benefits to pet ownership. They’re good for your mental, emotional and physical health. And they’re great companionship for you and the kids. Your children can learn about responsibility and taking care of others too. But which pets are best when you’re really busy?



A dog will keep you all active and provide the best companionship for your kids. You will need to find the time for at least a couple of walks a day. But if you’re already walking the kids to school, this could be the perfect time to do it. You should also ideally have some outside space for your dog to run around in. And you will need to pick up their mess too. Dogs are the easiest pets to give medicine to should they need it. Many of their supplements and preventative treatments are chewable like the Heartgard for dogs worming tablets. This saves you a lot of time chasing them down each month!


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A cat is a far more independent creature than a dog. There is rarely a need to bathe them. And they can manage their exercise needs themselves. Of course, it is always nice to play with your cat. And who doesn’t want to spend time stroking and cuddling their fur baby? Cats aren’t always the best companions for kids, as they prefer to sleep out of the way of all the hustle and bustle during the day. But they need little looking after, and can be perfect for the busy household.


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A hamster won’t live nearly as long as a dog or cat. But they do still require attention from you during the day. You will need to clear out their cage every day to make sure there is no mess. And they also quite like human contact from time to time. Of course, if they get out of their cage, you may be spending a couple of hours trying to track them down and get them back to their home again!


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Some bunnies are perfectly happy being indoor pets. But the majority of them like to run around out in the fresh air. While they’re happy to do this without any intervention from you, you will need to secure the garden. This can take some time in repairs, and checks will need to be made every time. Their hutches need regular cleaning out, but most rabbits are happy to live independently for the most part.


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Many people believe that fish are the easiest pets to keep when you have no time for petting. Unfortunately, a fish tank needs a lot of attention to keep it clean and safe for your fish. Fish need feeding at least once a day, and the water needs daily checks for temperature and hygiene. Some fish require medicating as well.


For the most part, they’re worry free. Pets can get on with things themselves once you’ve fed them. But all animals need your attention and care. And you’ll probably love giving it to them.