When it comes to my sister she's very generous with her family, she loves to get them something they want. Like last year when Devon graduated High School, he was given his Ipad. When the newer I-phone 6 came out, she went and upgraded hers and, of course, her daughters.


When it comes to my niece, she is as tough as any guy, and she's dropped her phone more than once and cracked the phone. Thank God my sister had the insurance on the phone, and all was fixed. Cases my niece goes through them like crazy. Being able to find her the Dog & Bone make an excellent wetsuit impact phone case. The rubber over molded bumper provides a second layer of shock protection to your casing for added durability while providing for a better grip, and a soft rubber feels in the hand.

Enjoy an anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens to keep images looking crisply good. Take your mobile phone to the pool, to the beach or fishing or simply take it with you to the bath! With every case individually pressure tested to 6.6 feet (two metres), the Wetsuit Impact waterproof iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 case means you can confidently enjoy being in or around water and your mobile phone needn’t be on the outer. Meaning now when she goes to the beach, she wont have to worry about the phone being messed up. 

Dog & Bone takes rugged smartphone protection to new impactful heights by blending impact glass screen protection with waterproofing sophistication, style and function, And this is a slimmest and most stylised of cases I seen in a while. 

Providing added protection from knocks, drops and scratches, the sophisticated flexible glass screen additionally provides a glass touch for great touch screen sensitivity – feels just like you’re touching your mobile screen! It won’t absorb dirt and grime as standard pet film coverings do. Simply wipe dirt away. Watch our videos to see how easy!

What about you does this sound, like the best case?


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