Best Places To Put a Vase of Flowers in Your Home

Best Places To Put a Vase of Flowers in Your Home

One of the best items for decorating any space in your home is a vase filled with beautiful fresh flowers. Whether you put them in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom, flowers can liven up almost anywhere in your home.

However, you may be wondering which locations work best for a vase filled with flowers. With this in mind, here are the best places to put a vase of flowers in your home.

On a Coffee Table

Many people have coffee tables in their living rooms. In addition, vases with flowers are a popular centerpiece for these coffee tables. Since a coffee table will usually be lower than other pieces of furniture in your living room, putting a vase in the center will help to increase its perceived height without being too dramatic. Also, you should follow the best tips for choosing the right vase for your flowers so that you can ensure that all the design elements in your living room match the same aesthetics.

In the Middle of Your Fireplace Mantel

If the mantel above your fireplace is looking barren these days, you can elevate its appearance by putting an eye-catching flower vase in the center of it. For increased vibrancy, you should use a color wheel to find a vase and flowers that contrast with the color of your mantel in just the right way. Generally, mantels will be either brown or burgundy because manufacturers will make them out of wood or a mock wood material.

Perched on a Windowsill

Flowers love the sunlight, so if you’re trying to grow them in a flowerpot, you will want to have yours perched on a windowsill. This will maximize their exposure to the sun throughout the day.

Not only will this help your flowers thrive, but it will also make them appear brighter due to the natural light. However, too much sunlight could dry out your flowers, so you may want to have thin curtains behind them to minimize their exposure to the sun.

Overall, these are three of the best places to put a vase of flowers in your home. Now that you have a few ideas on where you should place your vase, what’s stopping you from purchasing one today?

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