What do you get the kid that has everything , a gift card. Thats what I ended up doing for my niece Amanda. Shes very picky when it comes to things, so to make sure she gets what she wants, the gift card is the way to go.

Tired of agonizing over what to buy this holiday season for family and friends? Whether you are looking for a last minute gift or simply can't decide, consider Vanilla Gift cards and give them the freedom and flexibility to buy exactly what they want at their favorite shopping destinations. Vanilla Gift Cards can be used in-store or online wherever Debit MasterCard and Visa debit are accepted. Plus, Vanilla Gift Cards are both convenient and secure – they’re safer than carrying cash and can help protect against identity theft since gift cards are separate from your bank account and credit cards. What's more, the funds never expire.

It's super easy to check your balance so you know exactly how much you have to spend. I mainly used their website but you can use their automated service number as well.

Finalize your purchase as a signature transaction. Simply choose Credit and sign the receipt.  You can visit your online account to track your transactions. Thats the way we keep track of what we have and dont have. You may finalize your purchase as a debit transaction. Simply choose Debit and enter your PIN. My niece uses hers as credit making it easier for her to use it. You can only use your Vanilla Gift Card at online merchants based inside the United States and District of Columbia where Visa debit cards, Debit MasterCard or Discover cards are accepted, as applicable.

For me this is the best option in giving gifts, this way they can get what they want and I dont have to worry about it.


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