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Best Grooming Products For Your Dog (And You, Too)

Kibble Pet and Best Friend Beauty Dog Products

Best Grooming Products For Your Dog (And You, Too) - Kibble Pet and Best Friend Beauty Dog Products


Best Grooming Products For Your Dog (And You, Too)


Our four-legged furry friends are very important to us. There’s no question that we would all do anything we could to make their lives better and more enjoyable. Am I right?

My dogs don’t exactly enjoy bath time. I don’t get it. I love a nice, hot bath (preferably with a good book in hand). But, Kibble Pet and Best Friend Beauty have some really fantastic products that at least make it a more enjoyable experience for whoever draws the short straw for bathing the pups.

Kibble Pet Dog Grooming Products

My oldest daughter bathed the dogs this time. She does a really great, thorough job — always brushing their coats and trimming their nails before bundling them over the side of the bathtub. They love the brushing. Nail trimming, however, while Charles (pictured above) doesn’t mind it in the least, our Beagle/Jack Russell mix, Jaci, hates it!!! She acts like you’re cutting her toes off, She’s such a baby!

Kibble Pet Dog Grooming Products

And into the bath he goes. Charles is a Golden Retreiver, such a handsome guy if I do say so! I’m really glad he tolerates bathing as well as he does, because could you imagine trying to strong arm a dog that size trying to keep him in the tub and lathering him up at the same time?

Kibble Pet’s Silky Coat Travel Kit Warm in Vanilla & Amber is what we have been using to bathe the dogs recently. I love the subtle scent and it makes Charles’ thick hair manageable and super soft.

Kibble Pet Silky Coat Grooming Shampoo Conditioner Leave-In Spray Dematter Leave-In Spray Waterless Shampoo

The travel kit consists of the brand’s Silky Coat Grooming Shampoo, Conditioner, Light Leave-In Spray, Miracle Dematter Leave-In Spray and Brush-In-Shine Waterless Shampoo. As much as I like the first three, I absolutely adore the dematter spray since Charles’ hair can get matted if he’s not brushed regularly.

And the Waterless Shampoo is a lifesaver, too, since he loves to run outside rain or shine and often comes home with burrs and/or mud. He doesn’t seem to mind being dirty much, but since he’s inside a lot I’ve got to have him clean enough not to leave traces of mud on my light-colored carpets and the living room furniture where he likes to nap.

Kibble Pet makes their products cruelty-free in the USA with top-quality ingredients, are hypoallergenic for pooches who have allergies or skin sensitivities, and packaged using recycled materials. They also donate 5% of their profits to pet shelters and charities to provide grooming for underprivileged pooches. I love a company that is kind and generous, don’t you?

Best Friend beauty Dirty Mouth Dog Toothpaste and Solid Shampoo

Best Friend Beauty offers products for both pets and their humans. I think these cute solid bar shampoos are great. The gingerbread man one smells like gingerbread and the snowflake like peppermint. They have really cute heart-shaped solid shampoo bars for Valentine’s Day, too. And bath bombs for dogs. BATH BOMBS! How cool is that?

Other cool dog products include deodorant spray, itch spray and calming spray for anxious pooches. Balm for dog snouts and paws will keep them protected from the harsh winter weather. And organic toothpaste will help keep their pearly whites looking healthy and their breath smelling fresh. It’s made from organic ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals. If you can get your pup to sit still long enough to brush his teeth, you might just be a better Puppy Mama than me! But, seriously, stinky dog breath isn’t exactly conducive to the snuggling that they crave from us.

For people Best Friend Beauty offers things like lip balm, facial masks and serums, body butters, bath salts, scrubs, pillow mists and bath bombs among some other nifty stuff. Definitely check it out. I’m keen to try out the bath salts and pillow mist next.

Are you up for trying some new dog (or people) grooming products? Which ones would you most like to try?

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