Ladies, how would you like to spend Valentine's Day with the best smelling man around?! I know I sure would. And I know just the way to do it. With 18.21 Man Made© grooming products!

The Story

The 18.21 namesake was inspired by the 18th and 21st Amendments of the United States Constitution, which started and ended the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the early 1900's. 18.21 Man Made designed their products to bring to mind the bootleggers of the time. Wanting to create grooming products for men that broke the mundane, they came up with the rugged, yet sexy, smell of Sweet Tobacco that you find in the products pictured here.

The Products

  • Man Made Wash – Fortifying shampoo, conditioner and body wash, all in one. This product offers a gentle cleansing, PH balanced, rich lathering formula that also provides the skin, hair and scalp with added strength and weightless moisture. You won't find sulfates or parabens here! What you will find is that unique aromatic experience of Sweet Tobacco.


  • Clay – A hybrid of was and clay with a true matte finish and high hold. This gritty, whipped, water soluble formula thickens the hair, absorbs oil and amplifies texture to create an undone, natural finish. Use this product for those times when you're going for that natural, sexy, manly look.
  • Paste – A pliable molding compound with a satin finish and medium hold. Inspired by a mix of wax, clay and grooming cream. Whipped, water soluble formula provides fullness, flexible molding, sleek definition, amplified texture and lightweight moisture. This is your product for that “sculpted” look.
  • Pomade – A modern mixture with a classic finish, high shine and medium hold. Water soluble formula combs into the hair with ease and is ideal for shaping well groomed looks including slicked back, side parts, low pompadour's, fades, textured crew cuts and more. A great plus of this product is that it's restylable. It also never flakes … unlike other products on the market today.


  • Premium Hair Spray – When you've got that man-mane looking just the way you like it, finish off the look with this fast drying, flexible hold hair spray. If you want to be sure mother nature doesn't mess with your do … layer, layer, layer. The more layers, the stronger the hold. The fun part about this hair spray is the packaging. It was inspired by beer cans from the early 1900's! No more borrowing the little lady's hair spray. This one's made just for men.

  • Sweet Tobacco Spirits – Here's where it all comes together! With a nostalgic, yet modern, essence featuring notes of citrus, spicy saffron, creamy tonka, sweet vanilla, exotic fruit, fine wine, powdery musk and warm woods, this amazing sweet tobacco perfume will drive every woman crazy. As if your man didn't already smell absolutely delicious after using the other fine products to get ready for your date … NOW he's going to be irresistible!  Trust me. It's true! “

So … if you're a woman looking for a gift to make your man feel amazing and smell intoxicating, or if you're a man wanting to be completely irresistible for your lady, get your collection today. Be ready for that special date on Valentine's Day.

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