Best Tips for New Puppy Parents

Best Tips for New Puppy Parents

Whether you’ve been dreaming of this day for years or have suddenly stumbled upon ownership of the beloved pet considered man’s and woman’s best friend, you need to know how to best care for your puppy. Take some photos for the ‘gram, and of course, don’t forget to choose a great name. Before you formally bring them into your home and lay down some basic house rules, here are the best tips for new puppy parents to know.

Prepare and Purchase the Necessary Supplies

Your dog does not require a large array of supplies. However, puppies are similar to babies in that they need the right essentials to get through the first weeks. The main essentials are a proper-sized leash and collar, a crate, and a bed or rug to sleep on. Puppies love sleeping, but they also enjoy playing. Buy a playpen or some fencing enclosure in which they can safely entertain themselves.

This leads to another vital supply to have on hand—toys. Softer chew-toys or even a stick are objects that will come in handy. Otherwise, you will soon discover that everything in your house somehow turns into a toy. If your puppy is able to see it, and it’s in their reach, they will play with it, including your loafers, your couch, your favorite pen, and yes, even your grandma’s dentures. You need to be prepared to have patience and spend lots of time and effort on your puppy.

Provide Well for Their General Health

One of the best tips for new puppy parents to consider is the appropriate provisions for their health. Nutrition is fundamental as your puppy learns more about the world. Puppies require food that is appropriate for their age, and they will need to be fed more often due to the smaller size of their stomachs. Familiarize yourself with any foods that could be toxic to them.

All dog breeds also desire daily physical exercise. Attempt a variety of routine activities to identify your puppy’s own need for exercise and any favorite games they may enjoy. If their coat gets snarled or dirty, brushing and grooming will keep their skin and fur in good condition. Your puppy will also get acclimated to being held and will bond well with you through this activity.

Learn To Understand Their Behaviors

Dog nature is comparative to human nature in that pets have their own behaviors and tells. Puppies are very young, and there are many things they do not know yet. Just as you are still learning about them, they are still learning about the world. Above all, a puppy is learning to talk. Dogs do not communicate with words but rather with expressions and body language. Their eyes, ears, and mouths are very expressive of their emotions. Several specific puppy behaviors to look for are actions that are communicative. Learn what to keep an eye on as they mature.

Caring for your new puppy will be a juggling act, as they can be quite a handful. Nevertheless, you will do well as a puppy parent during these challenging and thrilling times. Cherish all the moments you have together, as they grow up so quickly.

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