Best Uses for Your Garage to Maximise Storage Space



Garages are incredible additions to a house, so you are super lucky if you have one as part of your home. They are the perfect area for storing items which you don’t want to be too obstructive of your everyday life and don’t really have a place for in your home. Garages are also great because they are never usually used by your guests. Therefore, you can freely make them as messy and as jumbled as you like without having to face the shame of anyone seeing it! Here are a couple of handy tips for using your garage to its maximum potential.

Using It for Bikes 

Firstly, there is no better place to store your bike than your garage. Bikes are really useful to keep for everyday use, but they can feel less practical when you are having to store them in your house, especially if it is difficult to get them through a door in the first place. If you have a garage which is easy to access from the outside of your house, you will be much more likely to use your bike on a regular basis. However, this does mean you need to ensure a certain level of security in your garage – which can be done by getting some good quality garage doors. Brigs Garage Doors are perfect for this, with anything from the more basic garage doors to very high security ones on offer. Take a look at the wide variety available so you can match them to the aesthetic you are seeking!

Have All of Your DIY Equipment Stored There 

DIY equipment is something essential to your home but, again, it can be very impractical to store. This can include paint, ladders, or drills – it is a complete lifesaver having these kinds of things to hand, but only if you can tuck them away neatly when not in use. You should dedicate a corner or a shelf of your garage to this purpose, so that they are all in the same place whenever they may be needed. This will also ensure they don’t end up cluttering your personal and social spaces. 

Have a Summer to Winter Change Out System 

If your house is a bit limited on storage but you have a garage, why not create a ‘change out system’ for both summer and winter items? This could include clothing, decorations, and furniture. For example, you may have some big winter coats which are totally unnecessary during the summer, so you could pack these away in boxes in your garage. Likewise, you may have decorations such as fairy lights which are good for winter, or chairs which are good for summer. 

Garages really are a blessing, so do make sure you are making the most of their potential if you have one. They are a secure area of your house that is dedicated solely to storage, which is perfect for any homeowner, especially if you have a family and own lots of excess items!

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