Hallways are generally kept empty and blank for no specific reason whatsoever. Experts say it’s stereotypical for most households to pay little or no attention to certain parts of the home. The hallway is unfortunately considered as one of these sections.

There is a level of professionalism, and perfectionism highlighted when every room in the home is given an equal amount of attention. Turn your empty foyer space into a beautifully decorated area with the use of wall art.

Wall arts undoubtedly bring an appropriate level of light, beauty, and creativity into any space. Implement the use of wall art as a means of interior decoration for your hallways. This article is the ultimate piece on how to decorate our foyer space with beautiful and eye-catching wall art. You can browse our extensive catalog of wall arts, and order your favorite picks at Elephantstock.


You can decide to go with a modern or a traditional print, depending hugely on the current decorating style of your home. It is advisable to be consistent with your interior decoration, giving each room a different concept in color, style, and attitude tends to create an eye painting contrast.,,Nova City Islamabad is a place to find some beautiful art, 

Choose a classic wall art for a traditional outlook, a watercolor painted artwork or an inked artwork is also suitable for a traditional outlook. Go with a lively, energetic print for a more contemporary outlook.

It is advisable to make the entrance into the foyer attractive and warm enough to make visiting guests feel calm and comfortable. Radiate a positive, warm feeling by implementing the use of mood lighting. Ensure to keep the space homey but free of unnecessary clutter.



Style is often the most asked about the question by most wanting to make a statement with home decoration. Style is unimaginably important, that level of importance should also be attached to deciding the shape of your artwork. Read through our expertly detailed guide to make out the correct shape for your wall arts.

For the classic entryway: The single panel rectangle or single panel square

For the sleek, narrow foyer: The single panel vertical canvas or the single panel panoramic canvas

For a stylish boost of modernism: The triptych tri-panel canvas or the symmetrical five-panel canvas

To add a trendy touch: The split two-piece canvas or the four-panel wave canvas

The eclectic, unconventional option: The seven-piece hexagonal canvas Set

It is essential to ensure your artworks are at face level. Most homeowners make the mistake of placing their wall arts at an unreasonable height. It loses its beauty if necks have to turn uncomfortably to sight it. Ensure your wall art is consistent with the decoration of your space. If you’re hanging a piece of art above a sofa, leave no more than six to eight inches in between the top of the couch and the bottom of the print.



It is important to select the right canvas for your foyer space; these ideas will act as a guide for you when that stage reaches.



Your wall art should occupy about 75% of the available wall space. Measure the height and width of the wall; multiply the measurements by 0.6 and 0.75 respectively. The result will reveal the range of canvas print sizes set to suit the room.



If you intend to hang your wall art over a fireplace or a bed, or maybe even a couch, the measurements should be between 2/3 and 3/4.

It is somewhat popular for homeowners to discard the use of large wall arts. Out of fear that wall arts of bigger sizes will overwhelm, most amateur home designers choose to go with smaller prints. Try to maintain a balance by choosing a well-proportioned piece of large wall art; it gives the space an immediate transformation.


If you ever decide to take that bold step toward giving your home a professional makeover, these steps, notes, and tips are the tools needed to turn that beautiful dream into a breathtaking and eye-catching reality.


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