Are you doing your research? If yes, drafting a thsis or dissertation is an essential job for you, which is almost a technical writing because you have to write it objectively along with a unique analytic flavor linked to your research and relevant data. If you are confused with your dissertation paper, the article here offers few handy suggestions that hopefully will make your dissertation drafting a bit easy.

Think and critically evaluate the topic assigned to you

The research topic you are working with is one of the most vital components of your thesis. You need to do extensive academic research in order to frame a research essay based on your topic. Unless you understand the scope and the depth of the topic, it will not be possible for you to draft a readable and arguments enriched thesis.Assignment baron ready to provide you with 100% plagiarism free dissertation 24/7.

Besides your research, you can speak to your research guide as well for some insight on the topic and the research essay you are going to draft.

Do some planning, before you start writing

Writing a dissertation is a critical task because you need to follow a structure here. Unless you analyze the topic thoroughly and jot down all your research data methodically, it is tough to plan the entire essay. In order to make a meticulous approach to writing a well-structured dissertation, you have to plan for the draft. Planning for your thesis presentation is the easiest way to scribble down your dissertation draft.

Usually a well written dissertation includes these components:





body of the thesis

Concluding paragraph,

In addition to your individual effort, your research guide will play a vital role here by suggesting you the format of the research paper; once the draft is done, ask him/her for assessing its readability.

Content development and writing approach

A dissertation is a scholastic effort and an academic attainment for you. Therefore you should try your best to maintain erudite writing style but your sole aim ought to be on the originality and authenticity of the paper. The uniqueness of the paper will be judged on the clarity of expression, scholastic analysis and assessment, evidence of thoughts and insights procured by the research process, etc.

Personal language is not appreciated actually; it is customary to write the paper in scholarly style and best efforts should be invested for avoidance of colloquial uses of expressions, redundancy, abbreviation, and abstraction, etc. Instead, diligent effort needs to be invested in developing content with clear and crisp expression.

Sentences should be properly constructed with proper use of punctuation, comprehensive but never too long. Paragraphs are expected to be satisfactorily developed, with at least 3 to 6 sentences.


Recognizing your research sources is a vital part of writing a thesis. Unless done, mainly at research level, you can be charged of plagiarism.

Little/ inadequate referencing and short bibliography may imply little research and usually it is measured as non-academic method.

Comprehensive referencing and bibliography imply wide research and it is appreciated as a right approach. The citation of sources is authenticates written arguments presented in the paper.

These are the best approaches for drafting a well organized and neatly written thesis paper. However, besides your preference, you should speak to your study guide to get his/her valuable insight for making your dissertation paper right- on-track.

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