Best Wedding Floral Decoration Ideas

Weddings are the most beautiful things in one’s life so it is important to have the best decorations, photography and videos. Flowers have been used at a wedding for centuries and mainly for decorating nearly every aspect of the big day, including the venue like cake cutting. As there are many different types of flowers, you have endless possibilities in terms of decorations. So choosing the right floral decoration is not an easy task especially when considering things like your colour scheme and the natural lighting. Here are some best wedding floral decoration ideas that will help you to choose the best one.


Floral arches


A floral archway can add elegance to your venue, impress your guest and it also creates a dreamy look while acting as a great backdrop for both indoor and outdoor photographs. Floral arches decoration will enhance your decor and colour scheme. For making floral arches you don’t even need to use fresh blooms as dried flowers can make the arch look less ordinary. Another popular modification of a traditional floral arch is balloon arches.


The balloon arch concept can be adapted and a blend of these two styles can create a spectacular result. And also it is not that a floral arch needs to be a typical arch shape you can also switch up the traditional look with an asymmetrical or go for a moon gate that has a completely circular shape.

Pew and flowers


Incorporating flowers is a modern touch to impress your guests and brighten up the venue’s appearance. Pew and flowers will create a beautiful and romantic walkway for the bride. You can incorporate flowers at the end of your pews and tie small bunches of blooms or create floral meadows which grow from the ground. Picking the right complementary shades to your wedding colour scheme adds a simple yet elegant touch.


Wedding table centrepieces


A wedding table can be designed in many different styles using a variety of flowers, props, colours and will generally suit your wedding theme to create a warm welcoming atmosphere. Adding a luxury flower boxes on the tables and corners of the stages will add an additional look. Table centrepieces jazz up space for your guests as they eat, socialise, and drink. Guests will be facing the arrangements for a significant portion of the reception. To ensure guests can see and talk with each other you need to consider the size of your wedding centrepieces. Use a neutral tablecloth so you can experiment with various coloured flowers to create a more eye-catching display. There are so many ways to decorate and with the help of wedding table decorations Melbourne, they can help set up your tables. 



Flower wall


Flower walls have become a popular wedding trend that allows you to experiment with colour, size and flower types while being a great way to bring the outdoors inside. The flower wall is the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and works anywhere including the ceremony entrances. It can even double up as the background during the vow exchange.


Wrapping up


Even though the decoration is removed after some time through photos and videos it lasts for a long time and keeps you remembering those beautiful days. Making a beautiful floral decoration can even make your wedding a more beautiful event for you and also for your guests.



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