Beverage Essentials You Need To Celebrate Summer-Freckley Paper Party Coasters-Füde Stackable Recyclable Wine Tumbler

Beverage Essentials You Need To Celebrate Summer-Freckles Paper Party Coasters-Füde Stackable Recyclable Wine Tumbler

Warmer weather means more people are itching to spend time outdoors to shake off the unpleasantness of the cold weather and reduced sunlight of the winter months. Being outdoors, though, means that many of us take cold refreshments along with us to stay hydrated. While I love spending time outdoors on my deck when the weather permits, my cold drinks create condensation on the outside of my glass that leaves decidedly unlovely water rings on my outdoor table and/or the deck railing wherever I sit them down.

I have crocheted coasters that I made for outdoor use to prevent this, which is fine for our personal use. But, when we have cookouts or have friends over there often aren’t enough to go around. This summer, however, I’ll be using two new products I’ve found from Freckles Creative Studio and Füde®.

Freckles Paper Party Coasters


Drink coasters are a must for entertaining to protect the surfaces of your home, indoor or outdoor. Freckles Creative Studio offers some really cute paper drink coasters for outdoor entertaining. Not only are they useful, they have many designs to choose from to suit the theme of your event.

Whether you like themes of fruit, floral, stripes or whatever you can find something to tickle your fancy and impress your house guests the next time you have a get together. They also have paper drink coasters that say Good Morning, some that have X’s and O’s, and some really fun ones that feature the shapes of states (ex: Texas). And, they are recyclable, so when you're done using them just toss them in the recycling bin.

Freckles Paper Party Coasters

Other fun stuff you can find from Freckles Creative Studio include greeting cards, notebooks and other unique stationery and office supplies. For the tech lovers in all of us, they also offer wallpaper downloads for cell phones featuring their cute designs.

These coasters will definitely pair well with another awesome product I’ve discovered for those who like to serve wine when hosting outdoors. The Füde® Wine Tumbler is perfect for this kind of event because they are stackable, recyclable plastic tumblers.

Füde Stackable Recyclable Wine Tumbler

Füde® (pronounced foodie) wine tumblers come with 18 tumblers to a package. There are several really nice features about these tumblers: they are plastic so they are reusable and recyclable; you don’t have to worry about broken glass if dropped, they come in two pieces that snap together securely so they are space-saving and portable; and I love the fact that they are stemless. Other features include that they are free of BPA, BPS, phthalates and lead.

Once you’ve snapped the two pieces of the tumbler together simply pour your favorite libation and enjoy. A 6 oz. pour will land right at the seam line and the size of the tumblers leaves plenty of room to swirl and savor the bouquet of your wine to your heart’s content.

Füde Stackable Recyclable Wine Tumbler

Füde Stackable Recyclable Wine Tumbler

So many outdoor events held during warm weather months would benefit from this product: BBQs, picnics, entertaining on a boat, weddings or any celebration that brings people together.

What party plans do you have coming up this summer that would benefit from these products?


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