Baby's Heartbeat Bear

BIBB Magazine recommends My Baby's Heartbeat Bear is a very original and personal gift that you can give as the perfect baby shower gift or a pregnancy keepsake. These do not have to be just for the Mom To Be, I'm sure the grandmothers would love and appreciate one of these also. I know I would have loved something like this with my grandchildren. They offer so many different choices that you can find the perfect animal for everyone. Blue Bear, Blue Owl, Bunny, Cat, Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, Hippo, Lamb, Lion, Monkey, Octopus, Panda Bear, Pink Bear, Pink Owl, Puppy, Tan Bear, Whale. Something for everyone! My Baby's Heartbeat Bear are so beautifully well made and so soft. You receive a stuffed animal and a special red heart recordable sound module. They are easy to do and great to give or receive. What a more unique and personal gift than the sound of your baby's heartbeat. Once your child grows up you can give them the bear so they can treasure that moment in time forever. They can share with their kids when they have

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Another recommendation from BIBB Magazine is Wiggles 3D – Kind of catchy, isn’t it? This simple motto speaks to what we were originally all about – bringing friends and families together to play games, laugh and share some fun. We firmly believe that this type of entertainment adds to the shared experiences that friends will remember forever.

Today, Wiggles 3D brings its rich history of playing games together at the table to a variety of modern children’s, family and party games. We’ve introduced award-winning trivia, strategy and word games. We believe in putting quality and care into every game we design and publish. We have an amazing team of game designers who really know how to craft a fun game experience. Have a look at our full portfolio in the Games section.

The last few years have brought significant change to the game category, driven largely by the popularity of mobile devices. We’ve embraced this new style of game with the creation of several apps. Some are dynamic versions of our board game titles. Others are fresh titles created just for mobile game players. Check out the App section of our site to see Paper Bees and Smile Tiles, two new offerings.

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