Let the Good Times Begin! 

Having a stash of good playing cards should be a staple in any household. So, I set out on a mission to do just that. My family ordered four decks of Bicycle Brand cards. I was thrilled about the quality when I opened the packages. The standard size is perfect and works great with any sized hand. With each card, you can tell the texture and weight are equally appealing. You will find rounded edges and bold print. My favorite out of my four decks is the Metalluxe Series cards. They are stamped with real metal in a beautiful blue tone on premium card stock. 

Games and Games Galore! 

Our family started out with a fun filled round of Go Fish. My husband has been getting his fill of Solitaire. Even my kids play their version of Memory. I have been getting my artistic outlet building card towers. We all have been getting a good laugh of our version of the domino effect using our cards. But if you run out of ideas, Bicycle Brand has an App that features: new games, rules for your favorite classic games; and a cool component where you can search for new games by age, type of game, or number of players. 

Compact and Travel Friendly 

Hence, I now keep a pack in my purse and I have caught my husband slipping a pack into his pants pocket. They are very travel friendly. At times, I have pulled my cards out at picnics to keep everyone entertained and engaged. They have come in handy for my kid's sleepovers. The cards have been fun for the family during camping trips and I have even used them to settle arguments, highest card wins! I think these cards have been such a blessing during this quarantine, giving us countless hours of entertainment. It has been so enjoyable to connect with all my family members. My kids are now onto card tricks! 

Even with all the quality time these cards have given my family, my husband has been having too much fun with his buddies. For instance, he uses his own Bicycle Brand set for Poker fun and tournaments. 

Moreover, we now have weekly game nights and I have my Bicycle Brand cards to thank for that! 

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