The big slice is ready to go kettle cooked apples. They cook the big chunky apples slowly in their own naturally sweet sauce. They put them into a to go pouch capturing all the rich natural goodness and flavor of grandma's best. They know we care about what we eat . Each flavorful pouch is a perfect portion of all natural goodness. A great flavor and perfectly good for you ingredients, they contain no GMO, naturally gluten and fat free, shelf stable, most of them are under 100 calories.

Whether you are going hiking, camping, to the beach, park or anywhere else big slice will fit your lifestyle. These delicious fruit pouches taste great as a healthy snack straight out of the pouch. Some other ways to eat them are on yogurt, on top of a whole grain waffle, mixed in your hot cereal, or paired with a delicious summer salad.
My son Zachary loves apples. These are a great way to keep them with you and have a healthy snack at all times.
They have 16 different flavors. For more information click here.


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