If you're looking for that special Christmas gift for the jokers in your life this year … you have to go on over to Billy-Bob Products and check out their crazy-fun novelty items. One in particular that struck a cord with me is Billy-Bob's patented Dry-Erase Billboard Cap. I can't wait to give these to my sons, who have an amazing streak of silliness in them. It will be fun watching to see what creative things they do with theirs! And I can't forget about my grandson. Now, he's only 5 years old, but I'm sure he will have just as much fun with his cap as the adults do.

Billy-Bob's Billboard Caps come in both adult and children's sizes. They also come in a wide variety of colors. Mine is red because of the Christmas cheer I'm hoping to spread. I wrote a little message on it for you.


Each cap comes with a wipe-off marker attached through a loop on the bill of the cap. That way you'll always have your marker handy if there's something new you would like to say. Simply wipe off your previous message with the ease of a wipe-off board. This is a great feature that I find useful especially with how often I misspell words!


Once your cap is wiped clean of your message, it's ready for your next streak of creative genius.


I'm trying to create a new game that I can have ready to play once I give my family their caps. What ideas could you come up with? You can create a game that involves color-coded teams. Wouldn't that be fun? You can even wear your cap to a sporting event and change teams in the middle of the game if your team isn't doing so well. Just erase your team's name and write in a new one. Okay … and maybe you'll want to sit on the other side of the stands. Hahaha!

Look online for your Billy Bob gifts today on their website. Also connect with Billy Bob on Facebook and Twitter.

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