From the Same People Who Reduced 5,000 Years
of Culinary Perfection and Chemistry to ‘Take-Out' Food

Yes, It Really Does!

SOMEWHERE IN AISLE SIX IN AMERICA – The health and wellness aisles are chocked full of stuff extolling claims of making us feel better. What’s perplexing is the view that if it doesn’t have a co-pay or is from the pharmacy, it can’t possibly work.

This is the general consumer view of drug-free herbal supplements. Of course, this is the same culture that reduced the complexity and perfect balance of a 5,000-year-old cuisine to Take Out (yea, “Chinese food”). And that’s just sad.

The fact is, an open-minded person might consider that, after 5,000 years or so, maybe a legacy culture in Asia did figure a few things out – while waiting for a drug store on every corner and an expensive pill for every ailment. They snored, were stressed, needed energy, wanted a good night’s sleep, hoped to boost immunity, see better, digest better and acquire mental clarity.

Let’s not forget that aspirin and coffee come from plants, as does chocolate, garlic and olive oil. And many view those as medicinal or ingredients that contribute to wellness. So maybe, just maybe, our human ancestors learned a thing or two along the way – like what natural herbs helped the body’s healing process or just contributed to a better quality of life and health.

And that’s where BioTerra Herbs come in. They make a line of nine products that are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, natural and eco-friendly and based on 5,000 years of herbal recipes aimed to help what ails you. There are no side effects, no volumes of befuddling instructions and no anxiety-provoking, stomach-churning warning labels. You know what we mean.

And to make it easy to try (come on, what do you have to lose), BioTerra has packaged everything in fun, easy-to-understand packaging that addresses:
BT Stress
· Sleep (z-z-z) – This will help you catch some Z's and put your mind on “snooze.”

· Snoring (shush) – Everyone deserves a good (and quiet) night's sleep, so show some love and silence the beast.

· Energy (boing) – No jitters. No crash. No caffeine. No sugar. Just honest, natural herbal energy that will help you get through your day.

· Stress (gahh) – Relax. We'll give you a second in paradise. Mahalo…

· Detox (ahhh) – Forget a 14-day cleanse! Our two-day detox purifies the body when it's convenient for you.

· Digestion (belch) – We're here to relieve that uncomfortable episode of I-think-I-might-pop in a natural way.

· Immunity (zap) – Zap those cooties for fewer sneezes, fewer sniffles and more planet-saving adventures!

· Vision (zoom) – Those little peepers are rockstars! Whether they are itchy, dry, strained or tired, we’ve got you covered!

· Mental Focus (huh?) – Whatever the epic task, it's time to zone in on the assignment at hand. Put your game face on!

So if you are putting long days in the office and trying to avoid corporate narcolepsy, running the kids around which is running you down, jet-setting and lagging, or just want to enjoy the moment by feeling better without drugs, there are BioTerra Herbs that are packaged for a 30-day supply.

And you can find them at,,, and and, as of this fall, in Walmart and Walgreens. For additional information, stop and say hello at

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