Birdie Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes, when out and about I accidentally touch some slimy and dirty thing on a walkway banister. I get some unknown substance on my hand that can be germ infested and there is no washroom in sight. The only way to combat that immediate disaster is to hurry up and squirt some hand sanitizer on my hands. There are various kinds of hand sanitizers, most are square tubes and a gel an be applied to the hands. But what if I could use a spray version that would apply over my hands on a wider surface and dries quickly? I’ve come across the Birdie hand sanitizer.

Design and Scent

I love the design of the Birdie  hand sanitizer through the Olika company. The name is representative of the design of the bottle. It  is designed to fit into the everyday hand and spray amazingly scented essential oils and nourishing aloe vera on the skin. It is typical of spraying on the hand, then rubbing together until dry.  The after smell really is tantalizing! The design was done by extensive research and industrial design.


I know how some hand sanitizers leave a foul odor and some burn too much. But The Birdie left my hands feeling soft and moisturized. It is filled with soothing essential oils and nourishing aloe vera. I really love the scent, which is inspired by nature.  The inactive ingredients are glycerin, aloe leaf juice, citrus uranium bergamin fruit oil, menthe leaf oil, as well as citrus lemon seed oil.


I’ve tested the Minnie version of the Birdie and it is the perfect size! Even as a Minnie, it still replaces more than fifteen bottles of gel based alternatives. Since it is thirty milliliters big, it is TSA friendly! How it works is first removing the label. Then twist the Birdie to the “on” spot to unlock it. It is very easy to use as a spray pump. It protects to prevent accidental sprays while in transit. It is flammable so make sure to stay away from fires or flames.

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