Living with a roommate, especially in a dorm can create an unbreakable bond. Let’s face it, you end up seeing your roommate more than you see anyone else in the world and with the constant bickering about borrowing your clothes without asking, or leaving her things lying around, it almost feels like you’re becoming siblings rather than just roommates. 


So, if your roommate’s birthday is coming up and you want to get them something that is special, but also not too expensive, here are a few ideas: 

French press coffee maker 

Instead of having to wake up your roommate everyday and drag them out of bed to get to class, you can have them jump out of bed to the sweet aroma of coffee made to perfection with a French press. There are so many gifts for coffee drinkers that would be appreciated, but this one is perfect for someone who not only needs a strong cup of coffee in the morning, but also gets the chance to wake up to the amazing scent of coffee. And to make it an even better deal, you’ll both save up a great deal of money as you won’t be buying a coffee to go every morning. This is the kind of gift that is practical, yet thoughtful and one that every coffee lover will appreciate. 

Noise cancelling headphones 

With dorms having very thin walls, it is sometimes hard to concentrate, or even sleep in a college dorm-room. If you’re looking for a gift for your roommate to make up for all the noise you and your partner have been making and not have them feel awkward, then a noise cancelling headphones will definitely be ideal. That way, you can invite your partner over anytime and make sure that your roommate doesn’t hear what you two are up to. 

Stress relief candle 

College can be quite stressful. Trying to balance between having the time of your lives as well as studying and actually passing your exams can be a little too much for anyone to handle. Maybe a stress relieving candle that fills the room up with an aroma that will put you both at ease will be a great way to help ease both your minds and get the work you need to be done without panicking. 

Face masks 

There are times when you’d both much rather Netflix and chill at home and not have to party. So, make the most out of it, take a break from all the partying and give your skin a chance to rejuvenate with a collection of masks. What better way can you celebrate a birthday than making your own little spa at home? Don’t forget to order a pizza and find a chick-flick to watch and you’re in for a night to remember. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take photos of your roomie that you can blackmail her into posting online when she gets on your nerves, that’s always useful to have. 

Board games 

It’s always fun to have a collection of board games around the house when you’re both bored or when you have other people over. So, what better time to start stocking up on exciting board games than your roommate’s birthday? You’re bound to have a whole lot of fun and a reason to stay in a lot more frequently. S, get that house party started, because it’s time to get your competitive side in and start enjoying the games.

A duplicate of the item they always seem to borrow 

Whether it’s your rain boots, tank top, denim shirt or favorite pair of heels, it’s time to stop fighting over it and eliminating the reason behind your constant quarrels– that is until you find something else to argue about. All you have to do is head out and buy them a pair of whatever it is they always use from your closet. Not only will you be absolutely certain that they’ll love it, but you also get to keep them from wearing yours too! Doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation? And while you’re at it, make a keep out of your closet sign, too, to avoid them moving on to one of your other items. 


When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Getting your roommate something you know they’ll love and appreciate doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. On the contrary, some of the simplest items make the most thoughtful gifts. Just make sure it speaks their name and you’ll definitely make your roomie happy. 


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