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Great friendship adds an immeasurable quality to the extraordinary life you are striving to achieve.  To earn the joy and comradery of a best female friend, you must first, be one. Friendships are always works-in-progress. They require; time and attention, mixed with equal parts of intermittent laughter, secret sharing, tears, road trips, and two-person selfies. 

For you both, this relationship deepens with the passage of time, numerous shared adventures, and everyday experiences. When her birthday approaches, you are afforded a golden opportunity to reaffirm the affection and admiration, you truly feel for her. 

Gifting Your Bestie 

This is a momentous day for her, and you want it to be epic. Finding a gift that resonates, and is as unique, and special, as she is, can be challenging. Take the time to reflect on your precious moments of shared history. Focus on her evolving interests and passions. Now apply that thinking, carefully, to this curated list of stellar gifting ideas. Do they have a weird liking for bad Disney characters or villains in a movie? You should definitely get them a figurine or a unique keychain of that character.

Let this list of birthday gifts, be a springboard for finding an ideal offering, which will showcase your loving appreciation of her priceless participation in your life. 

Personalized and Sustainable – A Bamboo Lap Desk

Your bestie is an overachiever, and a knowledgeable techie. She brings work home to level up in her career. A bamboo lap desk holds a cell phone and tablet, or laptop. It is mounted on a pillow platform for comfort. It is inscribable, with inspiring text, and her name. It is crafted from bamboo. As an earth lover who lives sustainably, she will very much appreciate this feature. Adding text to this lap desk, and her name, symbolizes your special connection, celebrating who she is, and what is important to her.

Luxurious and Lavish – Birthday Gift Baskets

As a working, woman of purpose, in the 21st century, your best friend is frequently over-committed and stressed. Gifting purposefully, with an indulgent birthday gift baskets for her, is an ideal choice. From spa experiences, at home, to photo bakery boxes, dried fruit and nut trays or exquisite spa baskets will be welcomed and adored. In fact, some may say, life-altering.  

One prime example she will cherish is a spa gift basket.  It is filled to overflowing with her favorite, soothing, lavender scented pampering products. She will receive:

  • A beautiful, large, weaved rope storage tote
  • Soft terry cloth bath slippers
  • Relaxing bath pillow
  • Moisturizing foot lotion
  • Facial eye pads
  • Aroma therapy potpourri
  • Room diffuser and reeds
  • Pedicure paddle, pumice stone, and brush
  • Fizzing bath confetti
  • Pedicure Set
  • Lavender nourishing hand cream, 6 oz.
  • Lavender nourishing body lotion, 8 oz.
  • Lavender refreshing body spray 8 oz.
  • Bath loofah ball

When it comes to gift baskets, they are specifically designed to nurture, body, mind, and spirit. Sending the gift of relaxation and rejuvenating will not be forgotten, ignored, or gasp, re-gifted. 

Memories of a Lifetime – Mini 11 Instax Camera

Archive your history, together, with a new Mini 11 instant camera. It is compact, and easy to use, and slips into her coat pocket to go anywhere, quickly, and easily. This amazing little camera creates superior imagery. It gives the picture taker a simplistic point-and-shoot feature, resulting in timeless pictorial treasures to collect, frame, and enjoy endlessly. In fact, scan your favorite photo and upload it to a Visa egift card, add a custom note, and you have a instant keepsake that is literally spendable!  It has a high-quality, collapsible lens, exposure control adjustments, automatic flash, and works perfectly, paired with instant film.

Your bestie will appreciate the 1-touch, selfie mode, and mirror, for capturing the perfect selfie, us-ies, group-selfies, and close-ups. She will adore being able to truly embarrass you both, in years to come.  In the future these photo treasures will show your younger age, skinny jeans will have become archaic, and hair style trends will no longer tolerate side parts, or ponytails. What a fantastic way to document the drama you two create, in your quest to save the planet, and TikTok your way to stardom.

Comfy and Charismatic – Music Playing Ear Buds

Music is the tool that numerous talented, and not-so-talented people, use to communicate heart felt emotions of every kind. Your best female friend loves it, and listens, daily, to be entertained and inspired. These special ear buds resemble beans. That fact alone, will make her laugh. The quality of the sounds the buds transmit, will lift her spirits, and transport her to a happy place. 

Giving her an ergonomic, and comfy soundscape, which cancels unwanted background noise, and offers all-day, lasting, wireless power, is another epic reason for your forever bond. 

Add to this Special Day, a Handwritten, Loving, Admission

Get her a special, BFF birthday card that celebrates her day, and admits your abundant joy, and gratitude, that she was born. Add to it, a hand-written note, on festive paper, with the special day’s date, and this quote, or one you compose yourself, from your happily beating heart.

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you, when you have forgotten the words.”    Shania Twain


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