If you like chips and dip then I have some great news for you, Bitchin' Sauce is what you will want. These sauces can be used for anything, chips, and veggies and they are all so good. Hard to pick just one flavor to love.

From almonds to almond based dips and flavors like chipotle and bombay they have something everyone likes. My favorite is the chipotle! Spicy but not too spicy. The husband loves that some of them have a kick to them, he's happy that they taste so good.

So excited to try Pesto, Bombay, Buffalo, Green Onion, Roasted Green Chile & Pepita, and Spinach Artichoke! I love pairing the sauces with fresh vegetables for a tasty and healthy treat but it's also perfect to top chicken or pasta or potatoes. We also use these with chips and they work just fine.

Not only did I use to them as a dip for chips, but I was able to create simple recipes such as a tortilla wrap with rotisserie chicken, veggies and Bitchin' Sauce. And it tasted so good, we love trying them with all kinds of things and pairing them with almost anything is the key, they can go with about anything you make and use.

We also tried it with tacos as a sour cream substitute and it was delicious. Depending on your tastes you decide what's best for you and how, you want to use it. It's very versatile – works great as a dip for chips or veggies, makes a good sandwich spread and even salad dressing.  Makes a killer pasta salad dressing

No matter what you decide and how you will use it, you won't be sorry, they all taste so good and are something different than any other dipping sauce, not to thick and not watery I had no issues and they all came perfect, we are so in love with these sauces that we will get some more.

For all your sauces needs , head over to Bitchin' Sauce and see why we like it so much.

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