I love to find and experience new coffees whenever I can! Recently, I had the great pleasure of finding Blanchard's Coffee.

Blanchard's Coffee is wonderful. They demand freshness and  roast their beans daily. Roasting in small batches, they measure freshness in days, not weeks or months!

Blanchard's Coffee company is an independent, family-owned coffee roastery in Richmond, VA. We roast almost daily and have been since 2004. Below you'll find a list of the folks who serve up our coffee. We also ship just about anywhere, so our online shop should be your next destination. Drink up, bee buzzed.
The coffee that is delivered to the customer is fresh roasted and packaged and the flavour shines through in every cup. There is NO bitterness. I have tried their darkest roast, Dark as Dark, and found it smooth, bold, and extremely deeply noted. But not bitter. Every coffee drinker knows that bitterness ruins a great cup of coffee.


Blanchard's Coffee offers so much: Brasilian Cerrado, Indian Monsooned Malabar, Espresso Blend, Metroplex, Swiss Water Processed Peruvian Decaf, and more! There is a coffee for every taste.

Blanchard's Coffee surprised me. It really did. I knew that I'd get good coffee — but I didn't expect to receive such amazingly GREAT coffee! It's obvious that this company takes great pride in their product and in their service. The packaging alone suggests they put great thought in to keeping the coffee as fresh as possible.

The taste — how do you describe perfection? Every single note is brilliant. No harshness, no bitterness, no after-tastes. Each cup is enjoyable from start to finish.


Blanchard's Coffee also makes seriously delicious iced coffee. I've made it that way several times now. The sugar and cream does not in any way dilute or diminish the flavour of the coffee itself. Seriously… who needs an expensive coffee shop?

Having never used a whole bean coffee I was surprised at how easy it was to grind them up and use it. Im one of those people who just buys maxwell house but I was very happy with Blachards and reccomend them to anyone who loves coffee as much as I do.


The folks at Blanchard's Coffee love to connect with their customers and friends. Please join them of their Facebook Page and @drinkblanchards on Twitter.

You may purchase Blanchard's Coffee at their website or at their Etsy Shop



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