When my sisters kids were smaller I can remember taking them every place and using that bulky stoller. The unbrella stroller made me so nervous I was always afraid they would fall out of it and they never look confortable. When I was asked to do this review I was excited to do this the unbrella stroller I got is so much better then the ones in the past.

When I was contacted by Delta to review their Black LX Stroller I was excited my niece is going to have a baby and this would be just right for her. The Back Lx stroller is everything you can want in a stroller.

The Black LX Stroller is the ideal umbrella stroller for both storage and travel. It has a five-point harness with shoulder pads ensuring your little one's maximum protection and features a full multi-position recline and an easy to use adjustable footrest for supreme comfort. Along with that there are two large personal storage bags, one on the back canopy and the other one under the frame to help keep all of your traveling items in order.

Remember the umbrella strollers of the past , your child had one position to sleep in , just had a strap and no foot rest, how strollers have come a long way from then.

360° Shock Absorbing Front Wheels. The fronts wheels swivel as indicated a full 360 degree and can also be locked if you would prefer to keep them in place. Being shock absorbent it does make for an easy ride.

The best part is it comes with your own personal storage, how incredible is that. You can keep almost anything in it, cell, keys, diapers, wipes, bottle and its all hidden.

On top of all of that cute stuff there's a canopy that has a Large Canopy With Peek a Boo Window. So when your walking around in the mall or store you can make sure the baby or child are doing ok.

Full multi-position recline with adjustable footrest
5 Point harness with soft shoulder pads
Large personal storage bag on back canopy
Large under frame storage bag
Large european style canopy with peek-a-boo clear window
Soft comfort carrying handle
Compact umbrella fold for easy storage and travel
360° Shock absorbing front wheels
JPMA certified. Meets or exceeds all ASTM standards
Conforms to all applicable CPSC standards
Large 6.5″ Front wheels and 7.5″ Larger back wheel

This is one of the best strollers I have seen in a long time, I love that it's so safe and comes with the harness like your child is in a car seat.

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