I'm Using Azo For My Bladder And Culturelle Probiotics For My Health – Both Work Amazingly To Help Me Simply Feel Better!

As far back as I can remember, I've had issues with bladder infections.  If not that, it was a yeast infection.  If you're a woman, I think you can probably relate.  The one remedy that I reached for every single time was Azo because it always worked!   I was so excited that Azo and Culturelle decided to send me a package with various kinds of fixes for those womanly problems.  Now, understand that I don't need anything for my cycle anymore because I've had surgery.  I don't have to worry about that since then and I'm so glad.  My bladder problems have resolved too.  However, I decided to try the Azo Happy Cycle anyway because it promotes a positive mood, plus it helps with irritability, bloating, and cramping.  Obviously, I don't have cramping, but I certainly need help with the other issues.

Let me first tell you that this is entirely drug-free!  This is just one of the reasons I like it.  I decided to try it because I've been depressed lately and I figured maybe it could help.  I'm definitely not an expert and I'm certainly not telling anyone with depression to try this!  I just happened to try it since it was sent to me and because it has Ashwagandha in it.  This is a plant that is supposed to help with stress.  I do have to say that it has helped me immensely.  I've been taking it for approximately 2 weeks and I can feel a difference in my mood for sure.  Again, I'm not trying to convince anyone with a mental health issue to try this, but it worked for me!

Another item Azo sent me is the Cycle Care & Comfort, which I'm going to give to my daughter.  Once again, it is drug-free and it helps with irritability, bloating, breast tenderness, and cramping.  Everything a woman goes through while on (and right before) her cycle, am I right?  It helps with the normal hormonal fluctuations and we all have that!

Bladder And Probiotic Health – Not Just For Adults

Culturelle Probiotics is all about health and wellness.  As a matter of fact, that's one of the products that were sent to me.  Culturelle Health & Wellness restores the natural balance of good bacteria inside of your gut, or digestive tract.  Since we all need this, they also have something for kids too.  I can't wait to give my granddaughters the Culturelle Kids Immune Defense Chewables that they sent me also!  Since they're both in school and/or daycare, they can pick up lots of germs, as we all know.  This helps kids' immunity stay strong and healthy, in addition to promoting upper respiratory health.

These amazing remedies are so necessary, especially at this time in our lives.  Since everyone needs a little help sometimes, these would all make great stocking stuffers!

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