Blast off on an out-of-this-world adventure this Valentine’s Day!

A brand-new holiday-themed episode of Astroblast!, the interstellar hit CGI-animated series for preschoolers from Scholastic Media and Sprout, will premiere on Saturday, February 14, at 1pm on Sprout! Astroblast! follows the zany adventures of Comet, Halley, Sputnik, Radar and Jet, a crew of animals who run the Astroblast Space Station, the coolest hangout in the galaxy, all under the watchful eye of Sal the Octopus.

In this special Valentine’s Day-themed episode, “Be Mine,” a mailbox mix-up leaves Comet questioning his friendship with Halley, and refusing to ask her what's going on. Eventually, he learns that communicating about a problem is the best way for friends to figure out a solution, and it’s better to ask lots of questions than jump to conclusions!

We hope you will tune-in to the adventure on Valentine’s Day with your family! We would also love if you would remind your readers to do the same! We have great hi-res art to share for your use too – just say the word!

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