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Growing up, I used to play board games that required so many pieces to install. The instructions were too long to read, and quite frankly they took too much time to learn. Sometimes they were just outright confusing that we made up our own rules to play them. However, in today’s era, the digital world has overcome the traditional gaming nuances of the past. A fun set of games called Blinks was invented by Move38, and it gives with it a whole level of new experiences.


What is a Blinks? Well it is a game that encompasses the experiences of tabletop gaming. In a box there are six blinks. The blinks use a flickering light motion to relay information. There is flickering fun as well as brain cranking puzzles to be solved and had fun with. Each blink is so smart and unique, because it knows how to play its own game and can teach it to other blinks nearby. By using on the blink, they light up and show you colors. You can attached and separate blinks as needed to direct a command or break a command.

Extras Not Needed

What is even better is there are only blinks needed to play! No more unnecessary board games that take up too much space or allow pieces to be lost or damaged. Playing with my family last night was so fun. My kids were laughing so hard. I can see this set of game perfect for a camping night as well.

Plenty of Games to Play

For every box, there is always 6 blinks.  Then there are a number of games. In one of my boxes, I got: Wham, Mortals, Berry, Bomb Brigade, Puzzle101, and Fracture. For my other box I got, Astro, Flic Flop, Honey, Speed Racer, ZenFlow, and Widgets. Also included is a sushi roll carrying case. That makes it easy to transport and put away. Also, one instruction booklet that gives you the core idea of how to play.

Find out more at Move38 /Twitter

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