My family is pretty competitive when it comes to playing games with each other. We really take pleasure in bonding over fun and games, especially on weekend nights. Any excuse to have some fun and we are all for it. We have many types of board games but only a few card games. Since Football is a favorite of ours, we thought we should try something new and different. We discovered Blitz Champz. Blitz Champz is a really engaging and rivalrous card game based on the sport of football. Who wouldn't have fun using Football themed card game to score a touchdown? Well this card game was created by Adrienne Smith. If you don't know who she is, she is a two time women's tackle football gold medalist and a national champion. Blitz Champz teaches and tests football knowledge and strategy. It also makes you think quickly and test your math skills! It's so much fun!

What I love about Blitz Champz is that the whole family can get in on the action. Our children ages seven and up get to play with us grown ups, and don't get excluded from the fun. All you really need to play the game is anywhere from two to six players. So sometimes me and one of my children will play with each other, or the kids can play together, or all of us will play. Dad loves this game. The game is not hard to learn at all. There are two cards with rules for all the ins and outs of the game. It really only takes a couple of minutes to learn. I am all for that, because we tend to lose interest when games become so complicated, it starts to feel more like a chore than it does having fun. I promise you Blitz Champz gets us so hyped out and competitive with each other. It's hilarious! The kids love it when they beat Daddy! The game doesn't go on and on. It does not get boring at all since the game averages only fifteen minutes to play. Sometimes that's all we need for a quick pick me up and decompress from the rough work week.

I love Blitz Champz because, it reinforces my children's math skills. Now that they are on summer vacation, I don't want them to lose those precious math skills that they learned during the school year. How the card game works is by using a set of cards where there are offensive, defensive, and continuation cards. The offensive cards are used to score points. Players can score points using a Rushing or Passing Touch down, a Hail Mary, Conversion, Field Goal, or Extra Point. The points earned can vary from one point to eight points. While the defensive cards are used to remove points. They include: tackle, interception, or block kick cards. Then the continuation cards are meant to require a specific type of action that keep the game in motion. Those include the pass completion. first down, 5-yard run, blitz, fumble, or end of quarter cards. The whole goal of Blitz Champz is to be the first player to score 21 or more points.

blitz champz

We play Blitz Champz over and over since it is so exciting and so easy to play. Our children tell us that it is one of their favorites, especially if the whole family gets in on the fun.

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