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Getting older seems like having to wear bigger and boring looking underwear. When you get older, things start to sag and all you want are great support garments and lots of comfiness. Thank goodness for Bloomers!

Gorgeous Panties

Bloomers is the God send for us older women. They give us gorgeous panties that provide the coverage, comfiness, and sexiness we need to feel like a confidant woman. Bloomers is a daughter and mother team, who came together to create this modern panty.

The panties are nineteen percent nylon and twenty-one percent spandex, with the lining at one-hundred percent cotton. What I love is that they are high rise so they definitely come up to my waist and help keep my body from spilling out of my underwear. There is no more fear of having a muffin top!

Great Coverage

Because they are high waisted, they not only provide coverage for my stomach area, but my whole butt and crotch area feels covered and secured inside the garments. I love how they fit on my double X large frame, providing me a great stretchy laced underwear that moves with me and not against me. I also really appreciate that under my leggings, you do not pick up on any panty lines as they appear invisible!


I could not feel more sexy wearing my Bloomers. The lace detailing is so lovely, with high quality stitching. I have the rose quartz colored Her Highness Lace Brief and I feel like a million bucks wearing them. They do not ride up into my behind when I sit, squat, or walk. I don’t feel like I am being squeezed in them either, so I feel light and free with my movements. They are also high enough at the back so that I do not feel exposed.

The underwear come with a mesh laundry bag to help you with washing them and keeping them from getting ruined.  Turn them inside out and wash on gentle cycle. Then hang to dry.

Find out more at Bloomers / Facebook / Instagram

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