Today I am reviewing Blu Apple. This product keeps your Fresh fruits and vegetables fresher longer by absorbing the Ethylene Gas that causes you produce to over-ripen. So I received the Blu Apple and put it to the test! I put it in my fruit drawer because it works best in an enclosed space. I waited 8 days, I told the kids not to eat up everything fast so I could know how well it worked, and after the 8 days I was very surprised that the fruit still looked very edible! It really works quite well! Now as we all know fresh produce can be very costly but it was going on 2 weeks and not very many berries were left {i bought 2 very large size containers} and it very much paid for itself, not to mention the kiwi and grapes all of it still was not wilted and getting those moldy patches. Shippers use this product to keep produce fresh between the farm and your grocery store, and now you can use it at home. My friend had come over for coffee one day and I was telling her about The Blu Apple and she laughed and said I've had mine for over a year, I Love it. This actually made me happy that I had even another opinion on the product. The Blu Apple lasts 3 months in your produce drawer and it is refillable, that's an even better way to save. The active ingredient in Blu apple acts as an ethylene gas molecule “flypaper” collecting the gas and rendering it harmless, no other gasses or chemicals are emitted and your food is not harmed, it is also BPA-free.



U can keep it in the fridge or on the counter how cute would it look in a bowl of real fruit,if u are one these people like me that has to throw away tons of rotten fruit and vegetables then Bluapple is the way to go . Any comments are welcome if u know of a better way to keep things fresh.

It is a Fantastic product and I've already been telling my friends and family about it, and I thank you for taking time out to listen too!


For more info u can go the websight

Bluapple is giving three of my readers a chance to win some for themselves, enter below and like their facebook

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  1. Robert Brown says:

    We always have a wide variety of fresh fruit, strawberries, apples, blueberries, etc. This would be great.

  2. Robert Brown says:

    This would be great for apples and plums.

  3. Robert Brown says:

    I’d use this for all of the fruit we eat.

  4. Robert Brown says:

    This would be great for leftovers from lunch or dinner.

  5. Robert Brown says:

    I would use this for my daughter’s lunch. She loves apples.

  6. Robert Brown says:

    This would be great for all of the apples that we eat in our family.

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