untitled+(6) Join Harold the blue baboon in this hilarious children's picture book, as he travels to the moon, in a big balloon, with an outrageous cast of friends! This creative rhyming book will inspire children's imaginations to soar to new heights! My three year old nephew loved this book, he thought it was so funny all he did was laugh. He loved the baboon and all of his friends who go on the adventure with him. When ever I read this to him he just starts to laugh. The best time is when you have a childs full attention reading them a book, Harold’s traveling companions include a troll named Dwight who wears red tights and fights with a feisty orange mite; Holly and Molly, prancing raccoons that live on the moon; and their friend Miranda, quite a talented panda who sings on her veranda. The Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon by Sarah and Steven Mostyn is destined to become a classic that your children will cherish. Find out why kids and parents are raving about this creative and imaginative rhyming book. The Children’s Book For its unique style and brilliant illustrations, this book (available in paperback and Kindle) has been praised by the Children’s Book Review, Midwest Book Review and others. It’s destined to become a classic that your children will cherish. About the Authors: Sarah and Steven Mostyn are the authors of “The Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon”. The authors were born and raised in Canada. Their family of five recently relocated to Texas. They have developed their storytelling craft through the inspiration of their three young children: Jonah, Kayla and Daniel. They often sit together as a family brainstorming new, creative ideas for books, and enjoy retelling stories from their large collection of self-created family favorites. Look for more upcoming original titles from Sarah and Steven Mostyn.

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