I Finally Started Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses And I Love Them!  They're So Glamorous And Comfortable

I recently started wearing those blue light blocking glasses, you know the ones.  However, they're not all created equal.  What I mean is that they're not all the same quality!  Depending on which company you decide to order from, be careful, and make sure they're reputable.  That's why I'm glad Hip Optical sent me a pair of my very own.  The frames are so gorgeous!  They make me feel like a movie star and believe it or not, they're completely comfortable.  I can wear them all day without even realizing they're on.  Since I'm in my 50's I need to take good care of my eyes.  Although, I should've been doing that all of my life.  I mean, our eyes are literally how we live our lives, am I right?  If you have good eyesight, please take great care of it!

What Is Blue Light Blocking?

Throughout the day as we use our phones, tablets, computers, or other screens, the blue lights will make our eyes work harder than they need to.  Eventually, you'll get some pretty bad eye strain and it could even cause problems.  When you wear blue light blocking glasses you're giving your eyes a break and let them stay relaxed.  It's almost like a stress reliever for your peepers.  I'll take the stress out of my life anywhere I can!

Hip Optical sent me their Kline Glasses in Mystical Powers.  They're almost like a “cat-eye” and I love them.  When wearing these you can't tell that the lenses are blue light blocking at all.  They're completely transparent and they offer 100% UV protection, which is very important.  You can choose to purchase prescription lenses and add the blue light blocking to any order.  The lenses are anti-reflective and scratch-resistant while being lightweight.  I enjoy wearing glasses that I don't even notice.

Makes A Great Gift Or Stocking Stuffer

Since everyone uses some type of screen or technology these days, you can't go wrong purchasing these as a gift.  Your loved one would certainly get some use out of it and it shows how much you love them!  Happy Holidays to you and your families.

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