Do It Yourself Bath Bomb Making Kit

My daughters love bath bombs. They have collected so much over the years only to enjoy them melt away during bath time. Bath bombs are so much fun to have, because there are virtually any scent imaginable. Also, some bath bombs can be designed with a little extra, like glitter or a toy inside. My children love basic bath bombs, the fun fruity and flowery scents are their favorites. But the only thing I haven’t really done for them, is actually getting them their own bath bomb making kit so they can create their own. Thankfully Bmaker has a kit I can get.


The Bath Bomb Making Kit from Bmaker is a wonderful little box, because it arrives with everything that we need to make our own bath bomb sets. They are so fun to make. The scents that come with he kit are rose and lavender. In tiny little adorable jars!  The size of bath bombs is the 8 Large sphere. That is exactly the size that my kids prefer and have become accustomed to. I love this kit, because it is like a gift when you open it up.  The whole list of what we need to make bath bombs is included. Inside are all pre measured ingredients. There is baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, epsom salt, two dye colorings, sweet almond oil, rose essential oil, one aluminum steel mold, latex gloves, and a mini spray bottle. The only thing we needed of our own was two mixing bowls, a metal spoon, a whisk, and a measuring cup.


Included in Your Kit

When I opened the bath bomb making kit box, I did have a slight problem, the packaging on the baking soda has ripped open and was spread out in the box. So be careful opening just in case yours ruptures doing transit like mine did. Nevertheless it was easy to scoop all the powder up and put inside another plastic. The great thing about these kits is that they are generous with the pre-measured amount of dry ingredients. We could have easily made seven bath bombs with the amount we had.

Easy Steps

The bath bomb kit cames with an easy to read instruction card so my kids knew exacly what to do! Basically starting with mixing the dry ingredients and whisking them together. Then using the oils for two separate batches. Next dying the mixture with the red and violet colors. Spraying with a little bit of water to make the mixture stick together. Then packing the mold tightly in the aluminum sphere.  Next is to let them rest for a day or two until no more moisture is felt. Then, enjoy them! I recommend them for gifts as well.

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