Here Is A Fun Board Game For Those Bored Kids!  The Whole Family Can Get Involved

Since the pandemic started, our kids and grandkids have been more bored than ever before.  Then, throw in the Christmas break (if they went back to school at all) and parents are left with “Mom/Dad, I'm bored!”.  Isn't that the worst thing to hear?  Especially when they have a room full of toys.  Sometimes they only say that because they're craving that family bonding time.  That's where Be A Broadway Star board game comes in.  This game is hilarious but competitive, which I think older kids will truly enjoy.  It's for ages 8 years and up and it's an interactive game.  What does that exactly mean?  It means that they'll get to show off their stuff in front of everyone!

A Board Game For Stars

I love that the way you win this game is to have the most fans.  Is that not awesome?  Depending on the card that you pull, you may just be dancing or singing for all to behold.  One of my favorite things about it is you only need 2-6 players to make it interesting.  However, I believe the more the better.  I mean, it is Broadway, right?  At the beginning of the game, you'll start at acting school and hopefully progress to buy your headshots.  As you move through you'll be acting out certain scenes, dancing, etc. to see if you're the big star.  Good luck!

Bonding With Family

The one reason I used to love staying at home with my kids (when they were little) was to play with them.  Bonding is so important when it comes to kids, even older ones.  They need to know that they're special enough for you to take time out of your day for them.  When you do that they feel so secure and confident and, well, loved.  Don't we all want to feel that way?

This game is the one gift everyone would love, especially those that really enjoy the creative life.  Looking for one more gift?  Are you a procrastinator like me?  This is the game for you and your family!

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