BodiFresh is a product that will help you eliminate the waste of using wet wipes, which still giving you a clean, fresh feeling every time you use the toilet. Something as a woman we want all day long, I used this when we took our trip to Florida and it kept us girls feeling nice and fresh.


Bodifresh, Inc., was inspired and created by a mom – She wanted to create a product that was cost effective, convenient, family oriented, and safe for both consumers and the environment. The result was a three-year journey of extensive research, development, and the creation of the ideal product—Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer – Unlike conventional wet wipes, Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizerwill not clog your toilets. Bodifresh products are economical because each refill delivers over 660 individually metered doses of perineal cleansing foam.

BodiFresh comes in five scents;  
Whispers of Yesterday, vanilla
Island Rain, jasmine
Essence of Lavender, lavender
Dew Drops of Spring, baby scent
Cloud of White, unscented


About the product:
Safe for use by all members of the family.
Cleans as it nourishes.
Soothes as it moisturizes.
Reduces the spread of germs and enhances your overall health.
Will not clog your toilet like conventional wet wipes.
Saves money with over 660 individual metered doses per refill container.
Environmentally friendly.
Convenient and more economical than wet wipes..


How it works:
Bodifresh is a moisturizer with unique, foam-based attributes that allow you to apply the moisturizing and cleansing foam directly to the toilet tissue of your choice. Its unique method of application allows the toilet tissue to be safely flushed without clogging toilets. Each Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer refill contains 500 ml. of foam perineal cleanser.


. Additionally, BodiFresh's website states that their products is a “revolutionary wet sipe alternative” made in the USA. It's “all-natural; completely flushable; eco-friendly; alcohol-free; dermatologist recommended; fits in pocket, purse .


If you'd like additional information, check out their informational video:




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